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Bestower of Happiness #26

Construct_the_New_World_26 Mohini_Didi July 26, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay? Everyone is well? Baba keeps defining humility. Do I understand what humility is, because humility can get mixed with submissiveness. It is good to use the power of tolerance or the power to face, but if you have to respond, you shouldn't be tolerating. We should do it humbly, not out of anger or arrogance, not as a reaction, because that will really work like a weapon. Baba always says that someone lies and you get angry. So we both did something. It's the reaction, getting angry is not good, lying is also not good. That is why Baba said to be humble. Humility doesn't mean suppression, but your reaction, your response, should be in a humble way. Whatever you say with humility is more effective than being loud. When people speak out of fear, they might not respond, but they won't have respect for you. Baba said if you are in self-respect, there won't be ego or humiliation. So my reaction, my response, shouldn't be out of ego or feelings of not being respected or humiliation. How do I make things happen properly? As an instrument, being humble is being constructive. So how do I become constructive whether it is in a relationship or whether it is in the task? It's a quality that I practise over time. You can actually check at the first level of thinking. What kind of thinking? Is it out of humility? Humility is very connected with self respect.

Like our Dadi Prakashmani, anything you say would never bother her. It was not even tolerance, it was just okay, there was no judgement, it's all right. I have seen Dadi Prakashmani many times, never being affected by criticism. It was as if she hadn't heard. So that is called true self respect or true humility. Baba is today giving us another example by saying to consider humility as a dress. That means being the embodiment of humility. All great people are always humble because they are great anyway, they don't need to have ego. If suddenly someone gets wealth, arrogance comes, but if someone is originally prosperous, fortunate, there is no ego. So humility as a dress means just to be embodiment, and then use humility as your armour that keeps you safe. When you are wearing armour then no bow, arrow, nothing can hit you. Maya hits us in many subtle ways and that is why Baba said that it is good to wear armour. When you wear it then no one will be able to hit you. When there is true humility then others will automatically respect you or bow to you.

Baba says that a noble-hearted soul or a humble-heated soul can become a bestower of happiness. Let our responses be out of self-respect, not because of ego. So, as I was mentioning, you don't need to be submissive or tolerant. That is not right. When you respond with no anger or ego but with humility, it automatically brings out the right things in others. Generally, people either become very arrogant or very submissive. For this whole month, we are talking about humility, and I connect it very much with last month’s homework of ‘give respect to others’. Now we are wearing the dress of humility, or armour of humility. Tomorrow we will apply that the whole day. Every day, humility is emerging in the self with the practice as we are being introverted. Check if there is a little bit of arrogance, or a little bit of anger. Baba said today that when there is one vice, there are other vices also, they all are connected. Also when you have one virtue, Baba said that the other virtues also get connected. That is why we have to use virtues, because there are other virtues. When you use trust, patience or humility, any virtue, then automatically other virtues will come.

Today Baba said to experience contentment, it is necessary to think of some of the attainments. Keep my attainments in my awareness. When you think of attainments, then there will be contentment. All of the Dadis were from very descent and prosperous families. They never had to cook, everyone had a lot of people to take care of their things, but when you talked to them, they were so sweet and so humble. Even Brahma Baba didn't make us feel that ‘I am a diamond merchant’ or ‘I am this’ or ‘I surrendered everything to ShivBaba’, what about all of you? Baba never said that he did what had to be done, and now it's up to us, how do we follow? What we understand of his surrender is that the original jewels will not have ego.They will have true intoxication. Like all of us those who realise that I am from a deity religion, I am a deity soul. So, when I am a deity soul, I definitely will have that image, that respect, and then pure feelings emerge in others. Some souls, when you look at them your love emerges, your pure feelings emerge in a very natural way. So that's what Baba is talking about, being an instrument, being humble, being constructive. Just have the feeling that Baba is making me an instrument. It's not that I became Baba’s instrument. The first word should be “Baba”. Baba does through me. You don't even feel that you did it. Just keep your thoughts elevated, pure, and your feelings good.

So today Baba is saying humility is like a dress, humility like armour, humility is what everyone will bow to, and finally, humility gives happiness to others. That's something very interesting because whenever you respond in a humble way, not with anger or arrogance, or you are not loved, humbly respectfully, you say what is right, you respond, reply what is right. Sometimes anger gets mixed in, sometimes ego gets mixed in, then humility is not there. So, whenever there is something, first make your feelings pure, and then say what is right. So, tomorrow our homework is about the dress and armour of humility, but also how humility brings happiness to everyone. These are very good points, our Knowledgeful Father, Teacher, gives us every evening.

Om Shanti


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