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Bestower, a bestower of fortune and a bestower of blessings #11

Embodiment_ of_Solutions _11 Mohini_Didi September 11th, 2023

Om Shanti!

Our heart is full of gratitude for Baba. People are still wondering about who God is, what He does and how He does it. Everyday Baba’s signals, teachings and blessings give us Baba’s introduction. If someone asks who God is, we could say, He is the Bestower, Fortune Maker, and Blessing Giver. This way, every day, what Baba gives is His introduction. Just imagine for 80 plus years, the Ocean of Knowledge. Baba has been not only giving knowledge, but every day a new title, new quality, new power. That's why sometimes Baba says if you make the earth into paper, all the trees as pen and ocean as ink... But still God’s praise is limitless. From our hearts also, not only we say ‘Baba’ it’s with a lot of love, a lot of respect and gratitude. The word ‘Baba’ comes out of our mouth, because we have a personal relationship. Within one second we connect with God, because we are able to connect with our own self in soul consciousness. Then just take a little time to be with Baba. He is also a soul, but he is the Supreme Soul. Also my thoughts, words and actions should be based on that awareness.

If we listen, it says first Bestower, ‘Dhata’, a Bestower of Fortune, ‘Bagya Vidhata’ and a Bestower of Blessings ‘Varadhata’. Many say they have a very strong sanskar and ask how to change it or they are looking at the shortcomings of someone and getting affected by the sanskars of others or reacting and acting in the same way as others. All that can change if there is awareness that I am a bestower. Constantly give donations and blessings through your thoughts, words and actions. What is service? This is true service. Set up the eternal lunger. That means feeding people throughout the day. Finish the main sanskar that comes up as a problem in different forms again and again. If someone has a habit of comparing himself with someone or sanskar of jealousy, ego is very subtle. I think it's because of this one, because I don't get this thing, but truly, it is your own sanskar. Why do I look at someone with that comparison? I have to be what I am. It's very important what Baba is saying. Let your powerful sanskar of being a powerful bestower, a bestower of fortune and bestower of blessings. If you remember this, even your powerful sanskar, which is often a problem, will finish. Baba says that the great sanskar will automatically finish the weak sanskars. Your great sanskars of bestower will automatically finish weak sanskars. You have to become the instrument to show others the path and give them the Father's treasures. Become the instrument of support to show the path and to give them the Father's attainments, Father’s treasurers their weaknesses will automatically be set aside. Whether it is problems or weaknesses, they are due to some of our habits, our sanskars. Baba is saying whatever you give to someone else first you are giving to yourself. If you say to someone, you have this weakness, it's like you are internally allowing your weakness to emerge.

It's really a very interesting topic, so do more and more churning and apply tomorrow. Apply as much as possible so that it becomes natural. On one side I become like Baba, but also my personal stage will be moving towards perfection. So it's a very powerful, very lovely Avyakt signal for tomorrow.

Om Shanti !


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