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Being trikaldarshi #05

Embodiment_of_Solutions_5 Mohini Didi October 5th, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Om Shanti from our sweet BapDada’s home, unlimited home. Everyday, there are a number of programs, a large number of Baba’s children, new constructions, that’s what is happening in Shantivan, still very hot. We have only one Dadi. We used to call her youth Dadi. She also is the chairperson of the youth wing, Ratanmohini Dadi. She doesn’t speak much these days, she gives lovely drishti and a beautiful smile. Very lovely drishti because the stage is visible through the drishti and smile. Baba helps and Drama helps to make us perfect and complete, but our body functions well, it’s not affected by external situations. They are here but not here. They see but don’t see. So, Bhumi Bhen, myself, and others with us every night, we go and visit her, and it feels very good. As long as our seniors are with us, their tapasya, their vibrations, its like very pure selfless love which they share with us. So, it's very beautiful when we meet her and in the same building where, luckily, we have three seniors there. In the same building is our senior brother Brijmohan. He also is becoming really detached and lovely. Loveful drishti, deep silence, cheerfulness, these are very good qualities that are visible in all those who are becoming perfect. Baba is preparing us and for that, He gives directions. We have to follow directions. At least that much effort we have to do.

So, Baba’s signal, homework for us is to become trikaldarshi. Baba is saying that whatever task you carry out in the faith of victory, which is the basis of being trikaldarshi, will never be wasted or be unsuccessful. You simply need to understand the present time, it cannot be called perfect. If you are unsuccessful in any task, or it is wasted, the reason for that is that you did not carry out the task while keeping the three aspects of time in front of you. For everything, there are two things, one is having a plan, and second is having a vision. So, if we are clear what our plans are, what our vision is, and give my plan to Baba, taking blessings from Baba, taking blessings from all the family, we begin our tasks spiritually. Then blessings are practical also. Whatever has to be learnt we have to be prepared for that, while keeping in mind that there will be victory. So, we keep in mind the beginning, middle, and end, also past, present and future. Sometimes, we think, “How do we know about it?” Then we have to remember that Baba has said, “Victory is your birthright.” So, keeping victory, or having faith in victory, is definitely going to help us. Use the knowledge and use the blessing and you will always be successful. I think success must be your birthright.

Om Shanti

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