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Become Those With A Big Heart #16

Honest_Heart_16 Mohini_Didi December 16, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!!

Baba wants our heart to be strong, but we have to be careful not to allow situations to touch the heart, because when the heart is touched by any external situation, that is where one gets disheartened, so keep courage. Yesterday Baba said I give the step of courage. We know that when there is a true heart Baba definitely helps, but there will be various situations. It could be bodily sickness but if one keeps the mind strong and has trust and faith in Baba, ‘I am Baba’s instrument’, Baba will use the body for seva. We have to remain mentally very strong.

Sometimes there might be a lot of useless thoughts in the mind. It could happen any time in life. I have seen a lot of doubts, questions, and wasteful thoughts suddenly arise. One is, okay they come, but the other is one feels now after so many years, why am I getting these thoughts? Now one starts getting disheartened, ‘why is this happening to me?’ Any situation should be seen as a test. Whenever we think of a test we think we have to pass. I have to pass with honor. Once you pass it, then it’s not a big situation, but you have to remember I have to pass the test. Then there could be disturbance within the family or one of the very big situations could be confusion in the mind. For me one of the best methods is whenever there are thoughts without your control, just stop them. I am not going to think that. Those thoughts not only make you weak, but take away many things from you such as happiness, love and trust. For me when I am not clear I don’t think, because whatever I think is not going to be helpful anyway. When the mind is confused just don’t think, but again that is where you have to have a good practice of putting full stop. Either remain merged in Baba’s love or start reading murli, some method, some yukti. Use all those methods. Baba said at that time what is required is power to discern. ‘What is right, what should I do?’ Again when your mind is clear, when you are in remembrance of Baba just right thoughts will come. That means the main thing is not to allow your mind to become weak, discouraged or disheartened. That is where in life many things start happening and we should not do that to one’s self. That is why I like when Baba says keep a big heart. It could be a very deep internal burden which we start feeling.

A lot of people feel life as a burden, but Baba said you are a carefree king. It’s not necessarily that everyone is carefree but at least have that thought, ‘I am a carefree king’. You must have seen people climbing the mountain. When they are about to reach very high, they get out of breath because when you are very high there is less oxygen, but they keep looking at the destination. “I am about to reach, it’s going to happen ''. I think whether it is in the lokik world or on a spiritual journey one needs courage and to stay close to Baba. Of course we have an honest heart, that is why we are serving.

Brahma Baba, had two hundred plus children and there was no food, no money. Baba never gave up, but there was a lot of support. Dadi Gulzar said in the morning after murli they would go in the forest, pick some berries and eat. Then they told Baba their tummies were full. Baba had trust and faith, but the family was also very cooperative. Dadi Gulzar said they never showed from their face that they were hungry. There was a time when there was no medicine, many children were getting diarrhea, headache and fever. There was no money to buy medicine so Vishwa Kishore Bhavu would go and get a few tablets and cut it in four pieces, sometimes six pieces. He gave a little to everyone and they all are okay. There were very severe situations. When we think about those situations, I don’t know Baba’s strength because he was so close to Shiv Baba. We have started our journey and we must reach our destination. Now it is so different. Dadi Janki used to share that there was no money for toli, there was no extra sugar or anything. She would make two extra chapatis in Puna and make eight pieces and put one piece of potato in each and roll it. When children came during the day, she would give one to everyone. That time she said they couldn’t afford any other vegetables so they could only buy potatoes, fry them or cook them in different ways. Today we have all facilities and everything is taken care of, but Baba prepares us that any time, any upheaval happens internal or external, don’t lose courage.

I think two mantras for today are carefree and courage. Give your mind this kind of energy by keeping using those words. “I am a carefree king”. Let Baba be proud of me and maintain courage. What is more difficult, mental or physical? They both have a connection, but immediately remember what kind of practice I need at this time. Soul consciousness, bodiless stage you will really come out of whatever is there in a very nice way. Our breathing, everything has a connection with our mind and thoughts. To keep our immune system strong we have to keep our mind strong. Strong mind means courage, enthusiasm. Courage and enthusiasm definitely helps us a lot. Reflect on that and I am sure that whatever the situation is, we will come out of it.

Om Shanti.

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