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Become the practical proof equal to the Father #20

Determined_Thought_20 Mohini_Didi February 20th,2023

Om Shanti Everyone !

You all being present regularly indicates that you are making a good effort. I think very few of you miss any sessions. It is the attraction of the family or enthusiasm to be consistent. I was sharing with someone that one of the benefits I can see in my life that I never was honestly very consistent. Now Baba or others help me and all of us together are able to share every day for so long. One of my determined thoughts is that I would like to continue, not because of only family, parivar, but for myself, to have that kind of commitment. Sometimes we have a lot internally, but Baba keeps saying that you have to be the practical proof. Look at your own stage and how if you have faith in Baba then you will get opportunities to become perfect. Whatever is lacking in you, the scenes of drama, situations, opportunities, challenges they all will help you to become perfect.

One of the benefits I realized and I definitely thank Baba, parivar and drama is that one is able to do, instead of just saying it. We should be regular, we should be punctual and I think we are both. We look at our stage, but the result which Baba wants is to reveal Baba. Many of you may hear people's experiences where they say they now know God or feel what lightness is or to be carefree. We get people to experience recognizing God or bringing changes in their life. I remember when we were able to get Harmony House, there was an American lawyer who was helping us to finalize the deal and then we invited him to come for the inauguration. He said, “I have to believe that there is God. Look at these souls from a poor country like India, who have come from there and opened a Center for rich people like us Americans.” There was someone else who was very against us who was a very famous dentist around our area. He said I have to believe that God is with all of you, that you all got Peace Village. He saw us in an apartment, then in Queen's house and then in Peace Village. He said I never heard you asking for money, donations, fundraising, selling something, nothing. It is with honesty that you value every cent, there must be some purity. It must be God himself doing it. I know that within the BK family, the majority can see our light of purity, our sweet nature, they feel God's love, Baba’s love, but it’s good to hear it from those who are not Raj Yogis. I am bringing it up because you all can think about, recognition of virtues happens, values like Baba says, honesty.

Honesty is not said to be the best policy. For us they will know that we are very honest in both receiving and giving. Every dollar we get, we respect and we spend it in an honest way. These days in the BK family, especially in India, they have a lot of importance of drishti. We say “Om Shanti” and not necessarily take a proper drishti, but here people come for drishti. They feel that that's where blessings are and sorrows can be removed, difficulties can be solved. They immediately say they feel that there is purity. The vibrations of the attitude is very visible. Maybe because they recognize what the power of purity is. It's only in action, there is recognition of virtues.

Once there was a group of VIPs in Madhuban. It was in the early 80’s when Om Shanti Bhavan was built. We brought a lot of important people from the UN. We had Assistant Secretary General, we had the first lady from Egypt, very prominent people. We were returning from one of the conferences and I was sitting in the car with several VIP’s. One of them realized she had left passport at Sashiben’s office. The others were concerned about catching the train on time. They said they couldn’t go back because we would miss the train. Naturally they all were looking at me. I said, “I think if you all agree, we will be able to make it.” They agreed and we got the passport, went to the train station and within 10 minutes the train came. They were very happy. When we came back to New York, in the month of March they had registration of NGO’s. A lot of organizations apply for that status at the UN. The chief of the NGO’s called me and invited me to talk to these new NGO’s about how I decided to go back, what quality I used. I gave a talk for about 20 minutes then we had question, answers where people were asking about different situations and how do you act in the sense of which virtue to use. Then I realized, they want practical proof.

Virtues in action will be the first that will be noticed immediately, but then how do we connect it with God, so that Baba is revealed? I'm really reflecting on it and see that whatever situation is there, not only am I able to achieve what I want but stay very positive, calm, in very light different ways. That's what Baba is saying in practicality. People appreciate which quality you are using. Sometimes people are very determined to do something, but they are very stubborn or sometimes hard on others. You can be gentle and sweet. I always remember these three qualities, contentment and that brings joy, happiness, and a joyful nature. Contentment really means happy person. Baba uses a very beautiful word prasann chit. That means, they are always happy. The third quality that then comes is sweetness, to get bitter, get irritated, get frustrated is lack of contentment. Lack of contentment at the confluence age doesn't seem right. I should be so happy, how beautifully everything is working. If there is a lack of contentment in the self we're not able to make others happy. Think about what Baba is saying, practical examples in whatever diverse situations there are, so that they can say, ”Look at this one's quality, look at the specialties.” Somewhere or other God has to be revealed through our stage of perfection and stage of perfection means using power, virtue or value to get the task accomplished. The self should look very well, relationships very good and also accuracy in our task. These are three important areas. Self, relationships and the task. Some are very task oriented. Task, task all the time in their head is the task.They don't care about their stage of the self. It should be the other way, a good stage, loveful relationships and accurate in the task and it's possible. That's what Baba wants to see as our result of making good effort, following Baba or aim of becoming perfect. We are Baba's children and we have to reveal Baba.

Om Shanti

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