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Become Free From Attachment And Have Unlimited Disinterest #29

Become_An_Avyakt_Angel_29 Mohini_Didi April 29, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is ok? Yes, very well, that’s great. Today actually is the last day of the month of these Avyakti signals. We will be starting new ones, and I was asking some of you about when you listen to Avyakti signal and every day we do it in the evening, then we start in the morning doing our homework. Do you find some change in you? Interestingly, the way people were sharing, those who are doing homework not because you read it, you heard it, but reading and hearing is not enough, right? Then we churn on it, go deeper into that, because every word has deep meaning, and also when you practically do it, you imbibe it or inculcate it. That’s when you see not only the power of the word, but attainments from each word, and how the transformation happens in our lives, we feel we are practically moving towards the stage of completeness and perfection. You heard Baba say that He has come to make us liberated from laboring. It is a habit that when there is love, we don’t need to labor because everything works in a very natural way. So, laboring becomes like, “Why should I labor?”, plus very beautifully Baba is saying that you did become perfect. When did you become perfect last kalpa? So now, if you became perfect last kalpa, we will definitely become complete and perfect this kalpa, and next. We use the word that I really like very much, eternity. You know when we were young Brahmins, Didi used to say, “Kalp, Kalpantar”, that means every kalpa if you are losing something it’s every kalpa, and if you’re attaining something it’s kalpa after kalpa. So, if you remember that, it gives us strength, gives us courage, and we maintain the trust and faith that we will become complete and perfect. So when we come to Baba and we understand knowledge, our thinking begins to be completely different. Our attitude and our drishti, there is a big change in everything, but the avyakt signal today is to look into the mirror of perfection. If you have attachment with anyone anywhere, you want to look into for a minute, anything that pulls you, your intellect, your mind.

Baba is saying that we have to have unlimited distaste from the mind, in Hindi we say ‘man se vairagya’. Vairagya, we use the word distaste. That is like anything that has harmed you, anything that causes sorrow, anything that creates bondage, anything that you find is an obstruction or an obstacle on your journey. Can you think of anything like that? Especially after COVID, when we did not go out, I just went out when it was necessary, so we stayed at home. When I came out, I said, “Is this our world, is this real? Is this the world we have to live in? Now we feel so disconnected, as if we don’t belong to this world, and of course we are not because it is the Iron Age, Kalyug, and we are at the Confluence Age. So, we have to have unlimited distaste. Baba is saying that whatever love you received from Brahma Baba, you have to give your love to Brahma Baba in return. We say that we love Brahma Baba. Shiv Baba is the Ocean of love, and this morning, I was thinking that whatever one is, and whatever one gives, is what we received. I know for many things, people say that you don’t have to worry about this, you don’t have to think what people take. I said that Baba took care of us, the way he took care of us, we will take care of everyone, because it's in our sanskars. I remember leaving at the door of Pandav Bhavan, and Baba saying,”Has transport been arranged for her? Have you taken food?” Every little thing, Baba wanted to find out. There were so many who were doing it, but Brahma Baba made sure that he himself came at the back of the Pandav Bhavan and with his handkerchief, said goodbye to us. Why does Baba have to do it? It's Baba's love, right? So many even ask, "Why do you have to do this?” I got it, so I have to give it. It's very natural that what our parents spiritually gave us, that’s what we share with others. Otherwise, how do you know who is Shiva Baba and who is Brahma Baba? It’s only those who are taking sustenance, I’m speaking of new ones, those who have not taken direct sustenance from Brahma Baba, but then when you come to Peace Village, you feel that care, right?

So, whatever Shiv Baba gave when he created the Yagya, wherever Baba's Yagya is, that same love has to be shared. Whatever I have received, how do people know? Not only that, it is called glorification of Baba. Baba taught us to do this. Baba gave to us, and now we are sharing with others. So, Baba is saying that now leave the corners. You have heard this beautiful saying that some passengers were sitting in this boat and they wanted to go. So they started moving, rolling, turning, it was night time, then in the morning when they opened their eyes, the boat was wherever it was. So the whole day they thought they were rowing. What was the reason? The anchor was not lifted. That’s what Baba is saying, ‘kinare chodo’, in the sense that you have to unhook every anchor, so the boat can move, and you can go across from land of sorrow to land of happiness or to our sweet home. It is a very beautiful thing to remember that if I’m not moving forward somewhere, I’m hooked and the anchor has to be lifted. So Baba says to liberate yourself, don’t be hooked anywhere and promise to your own self, that according to the time, I should celebrate my day of completion. Have a determined thought that whatever happens, I will fulfill my promise. Dadi Janki used to tell us that truth and lies is one thing, but making excuses is worse than telling lies. I even don’t ask somebody why you did not do it, because that person is ready to tell a few stories. Really, I never ask. Anything you ask, but if you know, sister Mohini is not going to ask, they don’t create stories. That’s your story, and I am not very keen on listening to stories because everyone has a story. So, be determined, if I have to do, I will do and I must do. According to the nearness I have to be complete and perfect. So today is our last day for this series, and we will start another one tomorrow.

Om Shanti


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