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Become Free From Arrogance # 23

Liberation_ in_ life_23 Mohini Didi               December 23, 2023  

Om Shanti Everyone!

One of the proofs of the truth and eternal truth is that anytime you listen, you can understand it in a different way. Baba gives knowledge, and I understand and transform into my practical life. So another deep aspect is that one is able to understand. Baba always wants each one of us to think about the whole world, world benefactors. Baba gives us the title of ‘bishwa kalyankari.’ You're not thinking of myself or just lokik or alokik limited family, but for the whole world. So each thought, each word and action, should be unlimited and should serve the world to help the souls to increase their enthusiasm, to serve Baba, to reveal Baba. Just imagine each one of us as instruments. What do you have to do? Yes, we understand there are guidelines, there are rules and regulations. Everyone has to be connected wherever they are. The second thing I also like is service to let everyone experience from Baba, the support of all the attainments. Attainments are not through me in the sense that it’s not I am giving attainments to anyone. You can give knowledge, but attainments, the sustenance of attainments, is from Baba. I think these two or three points are good for us to underline and keep in our minds. For all of us it's very important because we all do service in some way or another. It may not be at a Center, but in the family, each one of us serves. If you remember these points, I think even in the family it could be very useful. Now purity is to be seated on the seat of self-respect. I am a pure soul and remain seated on that throne even while doing actions. Let’s say now you are listening and speaking, this also is action, right? So, you sit on the throne and you are listening. and I'm sitting on the throne and speaking. That makes you a great soul and charitable soul. When you are a charitable soul then your thinking, your speaking, your actions, will be charitable. I was thinking today about Dadi Prakashmani. One time she said, “Oh let’s have a program for 400,000.” I remember that within three weeks, in Ahmedabad, we were able to have a program for 100,000. I've been told that there were less, but counting can’t be accurate. It was almost a hundred thousand and I was there. Just one thought, unlimited and pure, from that charitable heart made things happen. We bring difficulties first, then this could happen, it might not be possible, this one will be available or not, we would be kind of weak and have difficult thoughts. So we already reduced our power, right? If your pure thought is coming and it's unlimited, talk about it, think about it. There have been thoughts coming, seated on the seat of that self-awareness plus charity, that will bring benefit to people. Not that we want to own anything, no! Each one of us,  we remain seated on the seat of self-respect, like Dadi Prakashmani, and give respect to everyone. Saman and swaman. Then samaan is like you become equal to Baba, We all have to become equal to Baba. 

Om Shanti


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