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Become Free From Any Burden of Waste #3

Stay_in_AvyaktSilence3                  Mohini_Didi                 January 3, 2024

Om Shanti Everyone! 

Is everyone okay? Well? Very good! Baba wants us to be double light. One word that came in my mind about waste is ‘unnecessary’. Is it necessary or unnecessary? Is it important or not important? We have to look at our thoughts and the burden that comes from the thoughts, that goes into the words, and then into actions. So, how do I look at and how do I realise and change it immediately or delete it, so that there is no heaviness of any kind. It's very subtle, the quality of thoughts that come. Should I or should I not? So, as much as we are attentive, we watch and observe our thoughts in a practical way. Sometimes there could be carelessness which we don't want, right? We want to be attentive, but then as Baba said, “Do you like to make efforts or do you want to enjoy the fruition of your efforts?” You have to be very clear about what is effort, and what is the reward or the fruition of that action? Sometimes you have a nice fruit and you look at it, you describe the fruit, you're eating the fruit, but only thinking of the fruit. How much is it necessary to keep thinking about what we are eating? You know that it has good things in it, but why does the intellect and mind go into the object? That's not necessary, that is waste. So we are doing good things, but not necessarily feeling very light because it's not necessary. So thinking is so subtle and it has become like part of the habit of the mind.

So this is the month of January, where Baba wants us to look at our thoughts attentively. I can use the same thoughts for something elevated. I'm using 10 thoughts unnecessarily for a vegetable, can I use these 10 thoughts for world service? I always look at the value of each thought. If I have self-respect and if I value my thoughts, will I spend half an hour just looking at something physical and the importance of it, or will I do it? It's not that we ignore anything, we need to keep ourselves okay, but how much intellect should go there or should I use that intellect to do some elevated service? That means creating some thought, a quality or a power that is helping everyone. So you saw the difference between what is necessary and what is not necessary. I find that a lot of intellect and mind goes into circumstances, objects, situations. So what will happen? That's not fruition. So when Baba wants us to be light like angels, that means not only light. There are some people who have lightness, a light nature, they take everything lightly, but is it angelic or it is just ordinary lightness? Some have a humorous nature, or they just change everything, make it lighter, but it's not angelic. So ‘necessary’ and ‘angelic’, these are the two words which I thought of after listening to this Avyakti signal. Is it necessary? Is this angelic? So, the personality becomes angelic, not only double light, and that is why Baba keeps saying ‘double light angelic stage’, not only double light stage. Angelic stage or avyakt stage means that whatever is done, your stage is visible and it is an angelic or avyakt stage. If that image is not being created, then the fruition is not there. It's effort, and Baba wants us at the Confluence Age, before we go into the real fruition of the Golden Age, to experience the angelic stage, not only double light.

Brahma Baba used to walk a few times a day in the courtyard, seeing the activities or go in the kitchen where food was being served. He would walk around like an angel. He just gave drishti and walked around, so everyone knew that Baba is walking around in an angelic stage, which is very important. So these two thoughts came in my mind; ‘necessary’ and ‘angelic’. Baba is saying “become free from any burden of waste”. So I change from the word waste to unnecessary. In order to experience the angelic stage, become free from any thought, any type of wasteful or negative thoughts, words, and actions. So Baba says, “Anything wasteful or negative does not allow you to experience deep silence for all the time”. Somewhere you find that you are disturbed, maybe you are not peaceless, but that stillness, your calmness, that compass has moved a little bit. So this is what happens that, that stage of deep silence which is very natural in us, that is not there in a proper concentration. Now become free from any burden of waste and become double light angels. 

You know I like very much that once we had printed a very nice bookmark that Anthony had done. It had human qualities and angelic qualities. Maybe we should get it out and read it again this month. One per day, there are 30 of them, very different, what an angel will think and what a human being will think. Even though they both are good, angelic thinking is better than human thinking. So what we are trying this month is to be angelic, automatically we will be double light if we pay attention to the virtues that I have to be using in our thoughts, words, and actions. So we will find and maybe from tomorrow read one for all of you, so that whatever the change happens forever. Tomorrow, we will be angelic, we are not even human in the sense of our stage fluctuating. Very beautiful topic, we can churn together and become double light and angelic.

Om Shanti 

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