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Become completely faithful #19

Determined_Thought_19 Mohini_Didi February 19, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Time passes very fast, they say, when there is joy and happiness. When someone is not happy because of any reason, time goes very slow. So I find in Madhuban with the family, all different activities, celebrations, time passes very very fast. When I am looking at all of you, feeling your presence, it is as if the whole Avyakti Parivar is right here. Baba had been talking about how when we belong to Baba, we recognize Baba, as soon as we recognize Baba, the first thought which comes is that I want to do Baba’s task. I remember internally the thought of giving Baba's message, living Baba's message, that means a practical life of what Baba is teaching us. So, we have faith first, faith in Baba, faith in Drama. I know the Dadis, when we look at their lives, they surrendered everything to Baba. They left their homes, they left families, they just came to Baba and only wanted to live a pure life and give the message that everyone should follow purity. So, when we use the word ‘Avyakt signal’, it is something which is not necessarily what is being spoken, but we follow it and then we do it in practical. If we are not able to do it, then we then bring that transformation, pay attention. So, one of the important qualities is to be faithful. Faithful here means to use your every thought in Baba's service. That means whenever we find that thoughts are going in the wrong direction or wasteful thoughts, we immediately have to change.

You know this life is like a journey. So, if somebody is visiting someplace then you describe that I saw this, this was on the way, mostly all the scenes we describe. Here Baba says, “All the scenes, just look at them as scenes and pass through those scenes, you don't have to talk about those side scenes.” The majority of people, even in Baba's family, get lost into side scenes, and also looking at who is doing what. So, even if we come to know some people are not faithful, or doing something that is not right, should we keep thinking about it? Should we keep talking about it? Or should we just say, “It’s a side scene.” These scenes will emerge, and you understand the difference that in a lokik journey, you describe the scenes, and a spiritual journey, you let whatever is happening happen. These are side scenes and the majority of Baba’s children, they are not only caught up into thinking of those scenes, but they keep talking about it. I always tell them, “We know we saw but why are we talking about it?” So, internally there is a lot of wastage, wasting thoughts, wasting time. Not only that, but there are subtle obstacles on the path, whether in remembrance or like Baba says to “Follow Father”. How did Brahma Baba see Drama? The part of every soul is different, so as an actor I have to play my part, or doI just sit on the stage and describe the part of others? It's a very subtle dharna, and it’s true service. Baba says that you must do service through thoughts, and we just in our head are full with what others are doing. So, how will you play your own part? That is why Baba said fasting, they do this on Shiv Jayanti. So, what should be our fasting? To have an elevated and pure attitude. To bring transformation, to inspire others we have to be good examples. If I also do what others are doing, we say that no, this is wrong, we criticize, we don't want to and then we do the same. They are doing, so I should do, or because others are doing, I shouldn't do. So, it’s a very subtle dharna to Follow Father accurately, and to be faithful in our thoughts, in our words also. Baba never described the part of others.

Baba said, “Children you have to be faithful”, which is very important. So, to be completely faithful. When we look at those who are number one; Brahma Baba, Dadi Prakashmani. Dadi Prakashmani was always merged not only in love for Baba but very deeply into serving the Yagya, and from the Yagya, serving the world. So you can only serve when there is this power and enthusiasm, but a lot of people are discouraged, because they only see what everyone is doing. I have to do what Baba is saying. It’s a task of establishment, we have to get our Yagya free from obstacles, we have to become complete, but also make this Yagya complete. So, how do we make Yagya complete? Through our determination, through our purity, and elevated actions. While serving, just always remember that I am faithful, and this is Baba's service. Sometimes it's not service, the power in service comes by being faithful which is very important. Even in lokik relationships, one who is faithful will do what is being told to do. If you are not faithful, you deceive your self and you deceive Baba also because your activity doesn't show that you are faithful, plus it doesn't show that you are following Baba or doing Baba’s task. So pay attention, think deeply about it, it will help you to become faithful. Change faith into being faithful. We all say I have 100% faith, but it is not only faith, but we have to be faithful. Brahma Baba was number one because of being faithful. His intellect never got attached to anything, to anyone, just one Baba, and naturally there was so much service happening. So many surrendered looking at Baba. So, for all of us, if we pay attention, a lot of service will definitely happen. So, let's remember Baba.

Om Shanti

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