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Become an image of an obedient child #23

Give_Blessings_Receive_Blessings_23 Mohini Didi November 23, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Very Happy Thanksgiving! Our hearts always sing the praise of what we are receiving from Baba, from the family, from everyone. So, for that, from our heart, we constantly sing and say thank you to Baba. Baba said that your heart opens when you are thankful, and there is also generosity, because when we keep receiving, what we call abundance, then our heart becomes not only full, but we keep giving. I know that receiving is very good, but we also have to constantly give so that our aprons remain full, and we can constantly keep doing Baba’s task through our thoughts, words, and actions. Baba is very beautifully saying that you should become the image of an obedient child. You can always depend on one who is obedient, one who is acting according to Baba’s directions. That is why we listen or read Murli early in the morning, because Murli is actually the directions of Baba. Baba gives directions at every step, what to practice, what stage we should have, and what our response should be when there are different circumstances. Baba constantly keeps saying not to waste anything. These days I find even when it comes to physical energy, whatever we have to do shouldn’t be wasted. Maybe it could have been done by spending less energy, less time, less everything. At the Confluence Age, we need to accumulate, and to accumulate we have to be very careful. Nothing should be over-spent. Baba is saying that you have received BapDada’s directions, and the first direction is do not have waste thoughts, do not look at anything wasteful, do not listen to anything wasteful, do not speak anything wasteful, do not waste your time in performing wasteful actions. You have gone beyond doing anything hard, but each of you must now become an image of such an obedient child that you claim a right to receive God’s blessings. Baba is saying that if you really properly observe yourself about waste, you will find that sometimes we overdo. Would we call that waste? Baba has laid down directions for us because the energy of body, time, everything has also to be saved. Keeping yourself tireless also is important. So, have a kind of intellect where you can discern properly, and you can see what goes in the line of waste and what is being used in a worthwhile way. When we use everything in a worthwhile way, it is not waste. So, balance it, carefully think about it, and you will become the image of an obedient child. Then you will have accumulated enough to keep serving Baba, otherwise the limit comes and then we can’t do anymore. We have to keep increasing the capacity and that is why there is accumulation. Baba's direction is not to waste. Thoughts, words, listening, then doing, it’s all connected. I’m sure Baba loves the children who are thankful and who are very obedient. Whatever we are receiving in our life, it’s not what I have and what I can do, when there is full cooperation, the task becomes very easy. In the USA, there is a different way of thinking about Thanksgiving. They gather as a family, and have a big dinner. For us, we offer Bhog to Baba, whether it is fruits or flowers, or we make Bhog. We offer Bhog while being deeply thankful to Baba to make our lives so beautiful. We are very clear about what we have to do, how to follow directions. So, our celebration is offering Bhog to Baba, and I’m sure that you all must have thanked Baba enough.

Om Shanti

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