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Become An Embodiment Of Power ... #27

Determined_Thought_27 Mohini_Didi Feb 27th,2023

Om Shanti Everyone !

Baba always wants us to listen to Murli with full concentration and in such a way that it goes so deep in the soul. The intellect understands the depth of that and then implements it into practical life and all activities. To listen and then think like that, be in soul consciousness. How does that become my practice and part of my practical life? I think it is very important before listening to be in silence, mind has to be empty. If there is a lot going on in the mind, a lot of chatter is going on in the mind then you won't be able to get the sweet words of God in your system. There is a saying on the path of Bhakti, that I am chanting a mantra and each vein of the body really has that energy and sound of that mantra. There they repeat it, here we don’t have to repeat, but we have to become an embodiment. Anything we do, even the words we speak should be the evidence of my understanding and listening to knowledge. Whatever we say should be visible.

To keep our mind free from concerns, thinking about issues or present circumstances, we have to accept whatever is happening in drama. According to the drama everything is perfect. We cannot change drama, but we have to just remember the drama is very good. According to the time, two things, one is what is happening in the drama, the other, which is very important, is according to the need of the time, what should I do? You understand it is a very subtle difference. You could be very satisfied, accept everything, and then say it's all drama. Now according to the time, what do I need to do? That is called effort. Accepting drama is also effort, but then creating what is needed is also very important at this time. Certain things happen which we could have done better or shouldn’t have happened, now they get ordained in drama. I have to have the power to discern and then decide what I should do. Emerge the power as time is coming closer, even when you are saying drama. Past is past. It has happened, what can you do? Remember, there is some benefit in that. Otherwise the mind can be very concerned, there could be worries. Maybe it was necessary that it happened, there must be some benefit in that. If we see the benefit of the drama, but internally you know something better you could have done, pay attention and next time definitely the scene of the drama will be different. This is called using powers.

Someone’s sanskar, atmosphere or other things can create a very subtle reaction, but have a lot of good wishes and see the benefit of that also. Good wishes are very important for every soul, because that is where subtle vibrations get clear. Another soul will also with the time realize that they shouldn’t have responded that way or a change in activity or words will come. I feel it is very important for us to not get stuck. Being stuck means I am still in the past and I don't know what to do at the present. I need to move forward now. How do we move forward? Put full stop and then the right next sentence to continue. Which kind of power is required? Whether it is tolerance, the power to face or power to merge, emerge that power and use it. Then you will find that very subtle change will happen in you and the vibrations will also change.

The whole month we have been thinking that it is through our stage of perfection that we will reveal Baba. I think even just to have this right kind of awareness, the right virtues and powers will emerge. As soon as we say Baba, what comes is Baba is the Ocean of Love, Baba is the Ocean of Peace, many virtues and powers of Baba will emerge. From there minds or words are from God, it's from Baba. My connection with Baba will guide me and then Baba will be revealed. The other person will definitely feel it must be Baba, it must be God. I am realizing that first listening creates proper understanding, after proper understanding, apply it. Applying is really in thoughts, words and actions, then they will become our nature. Whatever I am practicing will become my nature, my sanskars. I think there are many yuktis. When we listen to Murli, it should go really deep deep in us. We listen, study and then revise and what will be in you is just the knowledge. Knowledge is light and might. I know, I am guided, whatever I am doing, living in God’s love and sharing God’s light and might. We all have to pay attention to our stage and then through the stage reveal Baba.

Om Shanti!

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