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Become A Sample Through Your Thoughts and Words #28

Elevated_Mind_And_Subtle_Attitude_28 Mohini_ Didi May 28, 2023

Om Shanti!

Is everyone well, okay? Yes. I think most of you are aware that the Murli that we read on Sunday morning was revised on Monday, then Sunday evening, a little part of that Murli was churned. Even Saturday evening there was discussion on it. This morning’s Murli was very powerful, very long but very beautiful. Baba reminded us that the first important thing is to be a Brahmin, because we start thinking that I have to be an angel, or I have to be a deity, but first I have to check that I am full Brahmin. Baba explained this morning so many points on how to become a Brahmin. What's the definition of the angel? There were many points, but I especially liked when Baba mentioned that He is Karankaravanhaar. Remember this and you will remain light. I’ve seen this with Dadi Prakashmani. Baba does, Baba is there, Baba is with me, Baba is my companion. How many of us do that? How will it happen? We have to do it. This awareness of Baba as Karankaravanhaar, is not only my awareness, but we will actively experience Baba’s powers and virtues. We will experience being master almighty.

Baba is Karankaravanhaar. How many of you experimented with Baba as Karankaravanhaar? I think everyone raises their hand. So now your own stage is that you are very light because we know Baba, Drama, and everyone's good wishes. I always feel that whatever we're doing is so limited, very limited right, even whatever we did today. Baba and Drama are constantly working with us behind the scenes. Time never stops, every moment eternally, time keeps moving, and we might be behind thinking about one hour before, but time is very accurate. Scenes of Drama are moving and if you feel behind yourself, you cannot stop that evening should remain evening right? Evening will change gradually into night and dawn. So with the time so many things move, nature moves, sometimes we look at plants, you look at any fruit tree, you see the next morning, it is different. Sometimes we don't realise that so many energies are moving around us and making things happen, it's not only me. The more we become aware of that, I always feel time is moving, doing something. As soon as it gets dark, the same is in the morning and very beautiful music, bird’s music, you know early morning when you just see it or sunset, sunrise everything is moving.

So I also have to feel those energies or power or different resources which are created for us, our sustenance. I don't know how many of you ever think of this, but I feel so that every human being, every God’s child, there is so much in the creation and that sustains us. What is needed for morning, what is needed for noon, for night, which season, the colors of the fruit, seasonal fruits. So much is happening around us, so much is being created and sustained. So, with all of this, what should I be doing? Just move forward and that's what angelic stage is about, you're not thinking of what happened, even half an hour or one minute, it's gone, the next is coming. So let my thinking be towards the next, not what happened in the past. This helps very much when you see the bigger picture of creation. It's not just me.

So Baba is giving us homework for tomorrow again. Baba is saying “Mansa seva - serving through the mind is unlimited service”. You know when I am speaking, you all are hearing, but the vibrations that I have in my thoughts through the words will reach many. We won't see, we won’t know, but it definitely reaches, and it's incognito. I'm saying, feeling God’s love, feeling love for nature and that those vibrations reach and that is why whenever we have to speak like Brahma Baba when he spoke, it's like internally he prepared himself to speak. He didn't just say anything, talk anything because he thought that if you want it to have unlimited impact, then it has to be connected with elevated thoughts. It's very interesting, Baba said that if there is determination, it should become like a hobby, mensa seva it's really like a hobby. Those who have not only experience of it but those who know how much it serves in an unlimited way, they will plan it like Baba said, they will set their timetable. Amritvela, traffic control, before Murli, in the evening, so 3 minutes, 5 minutes, just do mansa seva. Then if there is an aim that I have to do mansa seva, we will spend those minutes in a very worthwhile way. Otherwise, we sit and we say, “Ok, I don't have to be in silence, I don't have to speak, but what do I have to do?”

So whether you take a practice or any kind of Mansa seva, but also make your presence there, naturally full of virtues and powers. No, Baba said to give donation, donation of virtues and power and be a good example. Baba is saying that whatever you have to do to be an example, have three qualities, one is love, second is pure feelings, and the third is concentration. Love, bhavana, and ekagrata, do it with love. Whether you are in the kitchen, or gardening for plants, doing things here, the mind is somewhere else. It's like the mind is at two places, three places. Someone said that the best sadhana, worshipping of God, is whatever you do, it has to be offered to God. So it’s not only yoga, but every act is worth offering, every act, whether you are cleaning or cooking, whatever you're doing. It's not only that we offer bhog to Baba, but we could offer every act to Baba. It’s a very subtle kind of thing, but it's vibrations will spread that means some will look at it. They will also start doing with lot of bhavna in a very natural way, and that is why every minute detail of when we are offering or whatever we are making to offer has an impact, big impact, on others also. That’s what Baba is saying: be an example. When you are an example, then others will also follow. So it’s Mansa seva, seva through the words and also through actions. If we integrate all three, then we will definitely set a good example for others. So, Baba keeps saying donate virtues and powers.

Om Shanti


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