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Become a Master of Yourself #24

Transformation_of_Old_Sanskars_24 Mohini Didi November 24, 2022

Om Shanti!

We all are happy to give thanks to Baba. It brings us great joy and feelings of gratitude in our heart. It’s not just for a day, but every moment, in every thought in Brahmin life there are always feelings of gratitude because the attitude of gratitude brings happiness and abundance. Thanksgiving also is thanking not only God but also nature. We are provided for and sustained by nature also. It must be very beautiful there with all the colorful leaves, or maybe some have fallen. Baba and nature are also very pleased to see all the children of Baba here. It's a beautiful gathering. You all have come from different parts of the USA and maybe other countries. So, spend the day just in every thought from your heart giving thanks for what Baba is making us, what Baba is doing for us, and allowing us to be helpers in his task. It's Baba who makes us worthy and fills our apron. Whatever we are today is because of Baba. So, from my heart I give thanks to Baba, thanks to nature, and to all of you also, each one of you. The beauty of each Baba’s child is like the beauty of a flower in a big garden. So again, happy day of giving thanks.

Om Shanti

Our thanks to Baba on behalf of a Avyakti Parivar, on behalf of everyone. Are you all giving thanks to Baba from your heart? It's not just from intellect, but it's from the heart. Today Baba is again revising, reminding us that all the powers, that is all the treasures have been given to the children, and it has been given as our inheritance. However, the children complain that the right power doesn't emerge at the right time. Baba says that you all know why. One of the reasons is that when you order a power, you have to be seated on the seat of self-respect, and the awareness that I am Master Almighty. When you are seated on the seat, then the powers will listen to your order and then they will function at the right time. We had been practicing this for a few days. I think we have to emerge, that means think of Baba, think of your seat, awareness and then see if the power is emerging. If love is needed, tolerance is needed, power to adjust is needed, whichever power is needed, just emerge that. If we use it once, a second time, third time, then it becomes like a habit and power will immediately emerge. So, we all will practice this. Baba is saying to be master of your own self. That's interesting. What does it mean to be the master of the self? Not the sanskars, not the mind and intellect, but the soul. You will say that the mind and intellect are in the soul, but the soul is like total awareness. So, instead of saying ‘my habits, my sanskars, my nature’, I am the master, Master Almighty, Master Ocean of love, Master Ocean of peace. I am a master of all the qualities of Baba.

Just imagine when I am master and everything is under my control, under my order, then they will listen to me. When you want your mind to think about a particular power or virtue, are you able to do that? If I want to just stop my thoughts, this Drama I want to use full stop, does it work or not? So, this way during the day it's not that you wait for a situation to come or circumstances to happen so that you can build the power, but practice even before that. I am a soul as power of Tolerance. I am a soul and I have the power to adjust. I am a soul and I have power to face. So, when you are creating, keep creating this awareness of being Master Almighty. When you have the awareness of being Master Almighty, then power will work. So, try during the day, practice. Not only practice but practical, then you will find that the power is there. An inheritance is something on which you need to have a right. Generally, people ask for their rights, but now we know that my right is to have all the powers. So, we will take this homework to be the master of all the qualities, to experience that treasure of all the powers. We should feel that every power is under our orders, we were able to use them, and become victorious.

Om Shanti

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