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Be Yogyukt and Yuktiyukt #17

Embodiment_of_Solutions_17 Mohini-Didi September 17, 2023

Om Shanti!

How is everyone? Okay? Very well. Are you going to Madhuban through your intellect? First the mind and intellect go, then we go with the body. I hope you are good to travel either now or you have until mid March. So, each one of you should have a thought to come. Many ask me, what is the exact meaning of yuktiyukt? Yukti is actually a method, in a way that, what is the yukti, what is the way? That means even if you have to answer the right words at the right time, the right way to do it, it’s like a yukti. Yukti is not a trick, because some say,”Oh, it’s like a trick.” We don’t play tricks with anyone, nor with the self. Like a doctor has to tell the patient exactly what to do, but he puts it in appropriate words. If the doctor says that you’re going to die this evening, even if that patient has to live or survive, he will really take it seriously. So it’s always yukti, even some people say, “Oh, I am honest, I am frank, I am truthful.” So, I say the way things are but then if it causes sorrow, it hurts someone or someone loses hope, gets discouraged, it’s not right. So, that’s why Baba says that even if you’re saying it, yuktiyukt also needs to be yogyukt. So, be in Baba’s remembrance, think of either your eternal form or qualities of Baba, and then think of a yukti. Somebody said, “What about being diplomatic?” Even being diplomatic is not good. Some say, “What about being smart?” All these are lokik ways, we try to be smart, try to be diplomatic, but being yuktiyukt is a very spiritual way. Baba says that that is because it’s connected with being yogyukt. So yukt here means to be in yoga and yukti is the right method.

So our homework for tomorrow is ‘being yogyukt and yuktiyukt’. As I mentioned, every signal we hear has so much depth. You can keep reflecting, churning, and when you experience, understand properly, then you have to apply it. So you’re not telling a lie, but also you are telling the way it is but with yukti. So, I think we need to understand it more. In order to have liberation from the storms of your thoughts or from any other relationships, or if any type of obstacles or storm comes, be in yogyukt and yuktiyukt. Different types of storms come, and until you become yogyukt, you will be full of problems. Then bitterness in relationships, the comparison, dislikes, start happening. So, we have to be yuktiyukt. Yogyukt souls change storms into a gift. Actually, in Drama, what I have seen that whenever there’s a kind of crisis or upheaval in any task or anything, something better emerges. Something has been going on and on and even if you think about it, it doesn’t change. So, in Baba’s task, it becomes like a storm, but if you have faith and you don’t have fear, what will happen? Something will emerge. This is what I have learned recently in many situations: whenever I find that there needs to be more honesty, there needs to be more truthfulness, naturally if something is lacking or some weaknesses in the awareness, then it will be explored. In Baba’s task, it can’t go on for a long time, but when it is explored we shouldn’t be fearful because the solution that we will find together will work better.

So this is also connected with being yuktiyukt. We can not blame anyone, point out towards anyone, even talk about anyone’s weakness, it won’t help, right? So I keep my words very polite, decent, so it doesn’t create any animosity. So it’s like yuktiyukt again. So I think that when we are yogyukt, you will know yuktis. Sometimes we don’t pay attention, and then you’re not yuktiyukt. So Baba said that reactions come and problems are created. So, that’s how we looked at the Dadis. Dadi Gulzar also was in deep silence, yogyukt, but any answer she had to give, she was very yuktiyukt. If someone comes and complains, Dadi said, “Yeah, you’re right, but the person you are talking about, we can call that person and you say what you were telling me”, because she didn’t want to repeat it. I really learned because if somebody is saying something about the other person and I repeat it, it becomes my karma. So, why should I? Dadi would smile and say, “I can help but you both talk amongst yourselves.” That’s what I have been doing these days. So that way, a lot of things got sorted out, also I am not involved. So, it's a very beautiful way to be yogyukt and yuktiyukt. So think about it, pay attention, practice, so that we can be liberated from reactions.

Om Shanti


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