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Be Tolerant #20

Embodiment_of_Solutions_20 Mohini_Didi September 20, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone okay, doing well? Very good! We have to be joyful, we have to be happy. It’s so interesting Baba is saying, “Who is right?” If we listen to two, we will say from their point of view that both are right. There is a lack of understanding of the words, lack of understanding of feelings, and lack of understanding to catch each other's signals. I want to remain very humble, loving, and still hold on to my truth. I may have the feeling that the other one is wrong, but also have the feeling that maybe the other one is also right. So a time will come when we are near the Golden Age that we will understand each other more clearly, catch feelings and vibrations, and our communication will be very well understood by all the parties. So the Avyakti signal according to the present time, Baba is saying to have tolerance, be tolerant, have tolerance. If you have tolerance, Baba is saying that you will be very joyful and smiling, because whatever the situation, it is temporary. Sometimes our mind takes it so seriously as if this is how it will be forever. If it has to be forever then I have to bring some inner changes. Externally, maybe I cannot change it or there is no possibility but internally, I can always increase my power to adjust, to face. When we use these powers, then we save a lot of our energy, otherwise a lot of a lot of time, a lot of thoughts get wasted.

I remember when I came in gyan, Didi Manmohini used to say that you cannot be delicate here, you have to be strong for everything, whether it is for heat and cold, whether it is for praise and deformation, criticism, anything. They say that a healthy mind is one who can accept criticism. If you are strong, your foundation is in truth. Brahma Baba tolerated everything because there was a purpose, he was not just tolerating for nothing. Baba's task is carried out without Brahma Baba reacting to any situation. Whatever situations arise, Brahma Baba was smiling and knowing this is right, it will also pass. So internal tolerance is called the power of resilience. It's like when you are playing and you are knocked off or you fall down, what do you do? Within a second you get up and start playing again. So, there is Maya, also our karmic accounts, we can say our test papers, all these various things will happen. Baba is saying that the most important quality in our character and personality should be that I should be tolerant. What are the benefits of being tolerant? Baba is saying that in order to save all your treasures, be tolerant. First is thoughts, second is words, because when you can't tolerate, you keep saying things and it doesn't make any appeal to anyone. So the power of words is wasted and then it affects our body, our resistance, our immune system goes down. So why not start right from saving our power of thought energy?

A tolerant soul will always be able to be in the essence of knowledge and yoga. Everyone knows a lot of knowledge, but what exactly is knowledge? Knowledge makes you sensible. With knowledge and yoga, we bring all expansion, problems, obstacles in their form of essence. Just as your time and energy are used in going on a long journey, in the same way, to overcome expansion, going into the essence is to take a shortcut. There's a long way, then there is a short way. One who takes a shortcut will save time and energy, and you will never be hopeless or disheartened but will always be smiling with pleasure. So Baba is so practical, saying that if you choose to take a long route, it will take so much time. If you take a short route, you will reach your destination and you won't be hopeless or disheartened. I think that in our behaviour, a time comes in your life then you don't want to keep going on and on in expansion. So you remain quiet or you remain in your self respect and even if you have to reply to the point, a word extra means you have to hear another 10 words, right? So how to keep increasing our power of tolerance? If you start responding to every word you hear and keep giving explanations, you find it's useless to waste time and thoughts and words in the situation. So, you say ‘Drama’, and put a full stop.

Now, there are always two sides of it. I remember once we had a conversation, is it good to clarify or is it good to remain quiet? I think both are important. If we don't sit and clarify, then there can be a lot of wasteful thoughts inside. It may not be for both but at least one person, and that person becomes heavy, not happy, and it affects you again. So then we clarify but to the point, not keep going on and on, because too many words will go in the head, and then thoughts keep coming back. So keep increasing your power of tolerance. How do I check? I don't lose hope, but also be joyful, remain joyful. Okay, even if I prove certain things, then what? So hold on to your self-respect, hold on to your truth, and also good feelings for everyone. Even one who didn't understand you, my feelings should remain full of good wishes for that soul. Then everything gets ironed out in a nice way. There are also some people who are not very busy, but their intellect really goes into all different directions. So, keep your self-dignity, keep to your self-respect, in a few words clarify, and then be in your self-respect and save your treasures. Baba is using the word treasures for your thoughts, your time, your words, because all these can be used for Baba’s service, for self progress, so why should I waste them? So, it's a very interesting topic. We will apply it, we definitely will be tolerant with situations, tolerant with people, tolerant with weather, tolerant with anything, all the circumstances. I want to save the treasures to pass with honour, accumulate the treasures so I can use it more and more for Baba’s task. So, this is how we actually become the image of solutions.

Om Shanti


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