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Be ever present on service #2

Give_Blessings_Receive_Blessings_2 Mohini Didi November 2, 2023

Om Shanti!

Happy Sadguruvaar to everyone! The most valuable blessings are from Satguru Baba. Blessings are from Father, blessings are from the Teacher. We begin the day with the blessings from our parents; mother and father. What are a mother’s blessings? What blessing does a mother or father give? A father will always talk about worthiness and a mother will definitely share a lot of love from the heart. Teachers would want us to be good in studies and pass with honor. Satguru Baba always wants us to be present in service, and on every occasion, say,” ha ji, yes please, yes master”. We have to receive blessings from the hearts of everyone. I was thinking, what is the difference between just a blessing or blessings from the heart? If someone gets something at the time of need, or someone is in difficulty and you reach there and you help, that soul will say, “I really bless you from my heart.” There could be blessings just through the intellect. Some just have the practice through words, they will say, “All the best, good luck, good wishes for you”, but that’s a very common way. Baba is talking about blessings from the heart, it’s really when you are honest and a true server. You did that not because you want an award, it’s a charitable type of blessings, charity in our actions. All charitable actions are good actions. I think all of us, when we came to Baba, decided to serve and it was from the heart. We see there is so much suffering in the world and we want to help people to get rid of sorrow. So you give Baba’s message, and they are able to liberate themselves. They will see the contrast in their lives before knowledge and after knowledge, so from their heart they will definitely give blessings.

I think we still need to discover what charitable actions are. So, Baba is saying to be ever present on service. Blessings from everyone’s hearts are invaluable. How ever many blessings one receives from the hearts, those blessings are accumulated, so the effort becomes easy. We have to connect blessings and effort. So, when we find that something is difficult to do while doing service, that means we require some blessings. Of course, we serve selflessly, it’s not for the self, it’s for Baba, for brothers and sisters of the family. So, we have to look into that. Baba says that however many blessings one receives from the heart, those blessings from the heart become accumulated and effort becomes easy. Simply continue to be ever present on service and constantly continue to increase your account of charity. As much we are able to give to ourselves, that much we are able to serve. That means when you study Murli properly, then it gets accumulated properly, and you are able to share with others. I’m talking slowly because I’m trying to go into depth, and speak about getting blessings from the heart. You share some attainment with others, and you serve constantly. We are all together for each other, sharing blessings from the heart. So, it's a very interesting point, and we have to reflect on that, share and increase your account of charity.

Om Shanti


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