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Be Economical with the Time and Powers You Need for Yourself and Save #10

Increase Your Account of Accumulation_10 Mohini_Didi March 10, 2023

Om Shanti!!

Is everyone well? Everyone okay? Yes full of enthusiasm, some love and divinity emerging with the thought that tomorrow we are celebrating day of Baba’s chariot, “Bhagirath”, master Bhagirath right? Big one is BrahmaBaba. And we had been thinking about her she became Baba’s medium for 39 years, long time right, books and books of Avyakt Murlis, every word of every Murli has deep meaning, very important, very significant in our lives so that’s what we will celebrate and our celebrations are what? Meet Baba, offer Bhog to Baba and many many of us whatever is our Bhavna whether it comes to flower or fruits or whatever we want to make Bhog for Baba, we offer all that to Baba and celebrate meeting with Baba.

Baba gives us the title of most elevated ones, there are many many elevated souls but most elevated soul and our part is one world benefactor, so it’s like we have unlimited world family, just imagine. In lokik also family is big if they are 5 members, 6 members sometimes 10 members so they have to use their budget accordingly, and food has to be cooked, it has to be serve, everyone has to get a portion but many many people from developing countries they go to different countries where there are more opportunities to make more income and they spend very little on themselves because they have in mind they have to send money back to home and family so that they can make a house, they can save some money so budget is created according to the members of the family. So Baba makes us aware that whole world, every soul is part of your family, they all are souls and it’s so interesting to see that how every thought, every moment has to be use in a unlimited way, has to be use in a proper way.

So definitely we have to earn lot, we have to save that much because every thought we can serve. Every every moment we have to save so that our stock of elevated thoughts, our stock of the words so we look at budget in that way that I have unlimited family so I have to save all the powers, all the virtues, nothing should be wasted you have to keep yourself full then you have to distribute with others. So you have to keep aim to be very economical, it’s not only question of saving but first we have to earn lot and then whatever we earn, let’s say for whole day today I saved the powers because we save the powers, I can use it. I have seen people, one is miserly and other is economically. So miser is having, not using not sharing so we are not miserly but we are economical because miser person even if saves won’t give right? Miser person will just keep for one self but here we have to try to understand in a deeper way as I said it’s not we are miser we are bestowers we like to share but then if I have to be bestower I have to distribute and it needs shavings right? And spend wherever as much is necessary, we are the family of unlimited “Srestha” or elevated souls, while speaking I am thinking and few families emerge in front of me, they really have to look at their budget so it’s not I am serving or bestower for one soul or 10 souls but I am bestower for all souls of the world, so all our powers have to be use properly because everyone would like to earn but it’s not also practical right? Depends on your education, depends on your budget some who are very qualified, they are able to earn more, so we also have to look at how can I earn more income so that I can have a proper budget. Now income can be through remembrance of Baba so if my remembrance is consistent, I am able to connect with Baba, I am able to receive light and might, lot of experience of Baba’s love, experiencing of self respect and self worth, as I am a worthy soul, I have self respect so what I will donate to others is self respect. It’s not I give to limited 10, 12 or my family, lokik family no, I have to give to everyone everyone. To be such big donor, I need to have lot of saving, now one is effort for the self, other is unlimited effort, Baba call it double effort, third is we call blessings, blessings all the time, because blessings are like more income.

So think unlimited, be economical, earn unlimited income and be constantly bestower, so think of your world family, we all want to be world servers, how is that possible so the family of elevated souls, world servers both words our task our titles should remain in our awareness all the time.

Om Shanti.


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