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Be Constructive #21

Embodiment_of_Solutions_21 Mohini Didi September 21, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Happy to see all of you and we are also happy here in Shantivan. Still kind of settling, mending our things, putting them together. Tomorrow starts a global summit that is an annual event in Shantivan. They are expecting 4000 delegates, many good speakers, VIPs, and so great service in India, unlimited. I am thinking about what Baba said in the revision of Avyakt Murli. We have to overcome fear. Baba said that whether the situation is big or not, your fear makes it very big. If any situation is directly affecting you, if it really goes into the head, it weakens the soul. We always have to internally look, “Am I thinking out of fear?” So, instead of that, why don’t I just become very stable in Baba’s remembrance, in soul consciousness? I think this is a point in which we need dharna. There might be so many points and you will say that there are so many points we have to remember, so many points we have to put in dharna, because Baba wants us to be perfect, completely fearless, worriless, free from problems. Brahma Baba always used to go either to Delhi or to Bombay, specially to Bombay for two reasons. One is that the weather is warm there. Delhi is cold. Secondly, Baba used to go for annual checkups and most of the doctors were in Bombay. So, naturally when Baba had to go, they had to prepare a lot for Baba’s journey, Baba’s health, just to keep Baba very protected from the surroundings. So, that is why when Baba would arrive by train at the station many people wouldn't go, they were not allowed to go. Not only that, but you cannot carry a lot of flowers and garlands. The maximum you could take is one small bouquet of flowers or two. Baba said that they won’t recognize him, so they won’t see me as a Guru of Iron Age, like in a lokik way. They don’t recognize that I am the chariot of Shiv Baba, so Baba always wanted to remain incognito.

In Bombay, there were some good people who knew Baba and from the beginning, from Om Mandli, so they would like to host Baba. So, as soon as somebody has a good proper house, because Bombay is very thickly populated like New York, it’s all like apartment buildings, they call it flats. This person had a beautiful bungalow and he invited Brahma Baba, So Baba said okay. So, Baba was preparing, everyone was happy, and suddenly a trans messenger at that time, Sandeshi Dadi, Baba called her, and she said that Baba cannot travel. So, Baba said, “That’s fine, I won’t travel, but can I go this time because they have prepared so much, and they are just ready to receive Baba and Baba said no.” Again, the trance messenger went and said that Baba can go this time and then we won’t plan any other trip. So after it’s cancelled and the train time is gone, immediately Baba will change the tone by speaking as if nothing has happened. Baba didn’t want me to go, Baba wants me here in one place so he will say a few words and then finish. What I’m saying for us is that it could be a very big thing, it was fixed, everything was prepared, then why does this have to happen? So these are a lot of our thoughts.

So, our homework for today is very beautiful, for you it’s tomorrow, in India it’s today, be constructive. There are so many aspects, but one which Baba gave in revised Murli is about destruction and creating. Create many beautiful, elevated thoughts in the mind, that’s called creative. Whatever is negative, whatever is out of fear or confusion, all that should be removed completely, destroyed. So, the Confluence Age is a very auspicious age, but we have to really understand what the Confluence Age is. It is the end, the climax, the end of all that is negative. Then there is the beginning of the new. So, sometimes it could be very confusing. That is why Baba also said not to get confused. Sometimes you could feel like, “Where should I go? Which side do I have to go to?” So, that means we have to pay attention to two aspects of actions; destroying and creating. Not only destroying, but destroying and also creating. So, Baba is saying to be constructive, nirmaanchit. Constructive souls will always change reasons, excuses, and problems into positive solutions. They will not consider any type of obstacle or problem or attack by Maya to be in the form of attack. They will experience it to be like a game. After anything is over, you only laugh. Once in Shantivan, we were sitting in Avyakti room, quite a full room, I think we were 20+ and suddenly from the door, a very little mouse, newly born mouse entered. I don’t know where it came from, but everyone started jumping, it was just a little mouse. So everyone was lifting their legs, their eyes were not taking drishti. They were looking to see where the mouse was, no one saw it, but everyone was like, “Where is it? Has it gone out or not?” The intellect was really like that.

So, constructive souls will not consider any type of obstacle or problem or attack of Maya in the form of attack, but will experience it like a game and happily overcome it. A time comes when you really feel it’s a game. All Baba’s children go through so many different stages. When you witness those stages, they are making excuses, they are talking about reasons all the time. I cannot do it because of this not happening. So, Baba is saying that their stage will always be stable and constant. They will never be afraid or come under fluctuation. All of us can think of some of the events, situations in your life or someone’s life where it was not a big thing, but we made it big. This is because of fear, nervousness, confusion, and weakness. After that situation is resolved, it is cleared, then you really laugh and say that the situation was nothing much. So, it’s very interesting to be constructive. You have to be very sensible. So, how to be always constructive and remember to be yogyukt definitely helps us. So, one word, be constructive, no fear. So, experiment with that.

Om Shanti


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