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Be absorbed in love for the One #11

Stay_in_Avyakt_Silence_11                Mohini Didi                 January 11, 2024   

Om Shanti 

Happy Satguruvaar to everyone! Satguru Baba gives us directions, teachings, and then we follow them. When we follow those directions, we are always protected. The right kind of teachings will emerge, powers will emerge, directions will emerge, because Baba is the Teacher but also Protector. Baba was explaining beautifully, that Baba will be your Companion, but to experience that help from the Companion, you also need to have a good stage. Then you will experience help properly. To pass through various situations and settle karmic accounts, whatever it is, it will be important to have a good stage, good practice. So, Baba was especially speaking about the seed-form stage, where you can be essenceful. The whole tree is merged in the seed, but also bodiless stage, so that the physical things don’t have any affect, and angelic stage. For that, definitely a lot of practice is required. Our stage should also remain stable, not for a minute or two, but at least 10 minutes or fifteen minutes. So, Baba’s message today was more on companionship, but also the company of your own stage to get to experience Baba’s help, Baba’s protection, how He takes care of us. The homework for tomorrow is also very beautiful. It says to be absorbed in love of the One. It’s a kind of concentration. Baba said that only when there is concentration, you get new ideas, new insights, new planning. So, be in love with One because then automatically there is concentration and new invention. Sometimes I remember that Baba says to us that do something new, do something different. So, how do we do that? To do something new, we need concentration. All the inventions, discoveries, even the singers when they write a new song, even new poetry, when you are very silent and you are joyful and experiencing something, suddenly you find a beautiful song is emerging, a good poem is emerging. So, that’s what one has to do to have love for One. To remain merged in the love of One is true concentration. So, Baba says in working for a new invention, concentration is essential, whether it is invention for the world, or spiritual invention. To concentrate means to stabilize oneself in one thought. To be absorbed in love for One by stabilizing your self in the stage of silence, your intellect will easily become free from wandering. Sometimes we think a lot, then we think, “let me be in sweet silence”. In that silence, not only do you feel very stable, but also some very good ideas emerge. You will easily forget your body and the physical world, and you will begin to experience the double light Angelic stage. So, it’s only when there is just love with One that you can become merged, and that is concentration. They always say that Mann ki lagan, love from the heart is not only intellectual. Baba is my Teacher and Satguru, He gives sustenance constantly at the Confluence Age. We are very fortunate to get sustenance from One Baba. So, we have to keep doing our homework, and it’s so nice when I think the Teacher Himself is with us, giving us homework. So, we should continue and keep practicing, and make our stage stable in all the stages. 

Om Shanti

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