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Balance of revelation and Promise #23

Determined_Thought_23 Mohini Didi February 23, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay? Everyone is well? Very good. Must be some special blessing that we all keep well to be part of Avyakti Parivar. So, we all stay together on this journey to become avyakt, we need company. So, Baba has given us such a big family so nobody feels lonely, nor should we be isolated. Solitude is good but not to isolate. So, since we belong to Baba, in a way, we die from the old world, from body consciousness, and start experiencing heavenly bliss, heavenly happiness. Some say we will be very happy in the Golden Age. I said, “No, you can’t be more happy than what you are here because we have to carry the sanskars of happiness.” So, sanskars have to be created here at the Confluence Age, not in the Golden Age, because everything is good, everything will be okay, there is no Maya, so I will be in heaven. I always tell everyone that if we cannot experience Heaven here, then it's just your dream. You have to keep feeling this not only for yourself, but wherever you are, there is love, there is harmony, there is happiness, there is peace. We have to be ready for heaven. So, is it that heaven will be ready then I will go or when I am ready, heaven will be ready? What is our assignment at the Confluence Age? What is Baba doing? Making us Angels, creating heaven. So, what do we have to do? It's the same as what Baba is doing right now. There is this promise and then the defeat. Actually, defeat happens deep from within. How long can I be like this? How long can I keep going on? How long do I have to tolerate? How long will the Confluence Age be? Like subtle signs of getting tired. When you are tired, you are defeated. So, in a way Maya very subtly tries to reduce our happiness, tries to reduce our enthusiasm. This is Maya's job. Baba says that we have to become the garland around Baba’s neck. That means to have victory.

Baba said to have a balance between promise and revelation. So, when I read that and heard it, I started contemplating what it really means. People do physical fasting, and many kinds of fasting. For fasting, they are supposed to engage their mind into meditation, contemplation, and reflections. Sometimes there are certain things we promise, but then how do we fulfill that promise? Let's say one of the promises we make today is that I will not have any wasteful thoughts. So, it's not a question of just keeping myself engaged, but to have elevated thoughts, to create good wishes, and to do mansa seva. This means you are engaging your mind into doing something elevated, creating your fortune. Otherwise, it’s just fasting, physical or mental. Now they call it digital fasting, like they don't use the telephone or the computer, but then as soon as it finishes, they are the same. The telephone has become my company. Every time we turn on emails, some news, or a motivational story. Even if they are good ones, it's like an addiction. It’s a pull of the mind, then pull of the ears, and then sometimes you like to share all that because it goes in your head and you want to share.

So, it's very interesting to see how I keep my promise. What is my promise? To reveal Baba. So, how do I reveal Baba? I think internally remaining consistent, like Avyakti Parivar slogan for the team is. ‘we will never give up whatever happens.’ I like that very much because giving up also is like not keeping to the promise. Sometimes circumstances are very challenging for anything and especially to be consistent. When I go from here to USA and we have just two, three hours and we have to start Avyakti Parivar in the evening. It's challenging, but it's rewarding. After doing it you feel very good. I say that Avyakti Parivar has given me a gift of being consistent. I was never consistent. I don't remember when I did Murli class every morning. Since Avyakti Parivar for three years, I do every Thursday offering Bhog. I have never done that in all my 60 years of life. So, take every opportunity you get. It's not only service, but the self is served, you need to be perfect. Brahma Baba spoke Murli, every morning for 39 years, and I think that's a victory. In Abu, it was freezing in December and January, but Baba would be present not only regularly but one of the specialties which was very silent dharna was punctuality. So, I think one of the qualifications to become perfect is also to be consistent. Anything Baba makes you do is a gift. So, promise, determination with promise so that determination is to be consistent. Also, a little bit more attention on becoming virtuous, through Baba's remembrance, becoming satopradhan. When you are becoming satopradhan you are also making nature satopradhan. Satopradhan nature means that nature or elements will serve you. One is nature, we call it matter, then material things, whatever you need, your facilities, may be comforts, climate, everything pure and clean, all that is provided by nature.

So, all these are different promises we make to Baba and every day from the murli we take one thing. One promise is definitely becoming perfect and revealing Baba. To become perfect you can take a point from the blessings of the Murli, and when you take that blessing, make it a promise, and then fulfill that promise, some day you will find that you reveal Baba. Yesterday we were doing Chandru Bhen’s one year ceremony but in the evening the sisters from California all had the thought to give a gift to Shantivan, Pandav Bhavan, and Gyan Sarovar niwasis. Sisters were given saris and brothers were given some dress material and a napkin, Baba’s toli, and some fruits in a bag. So, I was there with about 700 of them and it was so beautiful. Some always ask the question that if advanced party souls are now children, how do they do service? This service doesn't happen necessarily through the body. It does by speaking, being the embodiment, but they are serving through their specialty. Like Dadi Prakashmani was very lovely, cheerful, and always loving, but very detached. We never heard of Dadi's attachment with someone. Sometimes what happens, when there is influence, you are not what you are. Even if you hear something, you see something, but don't try to mix up your personality with someone else. I really enjoy it and I am very blissful when I am what I am. I don't try to be like someone. So, internally that original self also somewhere through your efforts, you are revealing Baba. So, look at what point there is that I practice will help me to reveal Baba. I think it requires a lot more churning. You all can churn about it, that I will never give up, create heaven right here of self-sovereignty. We give up very quickly, sometimes in a right way, but sometimes like you're fed up with something, you are not able to do it, you don't get appreciation, your name is not mentioned, so you think. “Why should I do it?” So, reflect, churn, become embodiment with the thoughts that I have to reveal Baba through my stage of perfection.

Om Shanti

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