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Balance of Love and Law #22

Embodiment_of_Solutions _22 Mohini_Didi September 22, 2023

Om Shanti!!

While listening to Baba our attention goes to what we should be doing, but at the same time, we have to do checking within the self. Baba said that the form of Maya could be very subtle desires, whether it’s for position, name or fame, “why I was not given this, why I was not asked?” It’s very subtle. Some feel comfortable only if their desires are fulfilled, but Baba is saying that’s also kind of Maya. How to do what we have to do, but still remain free from desire? If you remember that our power of yoga, inculcation of virtues, the way we do service, if our record or register is okay then automatically you are not only respected in the family but also your self respect increases. Baba makes you an instrument to do unlimited service. Anyone who is caught up in the limits of ‘I and mine’, this is very subtle and will not get an unlimited chance, because subtly the ego is increasing, possessiveness is increasing my service, my students, I have 30, now I have 40. That’s very limited. It should be that we can’t even count. This ‘I and mine’ very subtly blocks us to get unlimited success. Baba’s children, Baba’s this, Baba’s place we are just trustees. We are just instruments. It’s very deep, but it get mixed little bit, we say it is Baba’s but internally I am the instrument I was able to do it I got this accomplished so it’s mixed between I and Baba but total total trustee total surrender at least it could be with all of us I always say that whatever specialty I have or whatever I am able to do is Baba because I didn’t have all these qualities, is Baba who makes us worthy, His dhristi his blessings keep increasing our qualities, my specialties, I am very good in doing that so only up to that right you won’t become better you could be good wherever you are but we want better and better higher and higher so then go beyond I and mine for your own self progress and also for service, Baba’s every point is connected with our journey present life of confluence age so it’s very important to reflect on that and see if we can be better we can improve and remove very subtly the awareness of this my specialties it’s only I can do that so who losses one desires right ___ , but go beyond right homework for today is balance between love and law our love is Godly love and soul conscious love we didn’t know each other and now we love each other as much we are in soul consciousness you feel God’s love and you can share with other’s or others can also take from me in soul consciousness you experience God’s love and that’s soul conscious love works like a power it’s support it’s co-operation to others so it’s very very interesting way Baba is explaining that ‘balance of love and law’ maintain a balance of love and law according to the time but also feel love within the law and for that because someone shouldn’t feel that you are using your authority or your forceful trying to control all these feeling comes when lack of love in the law as image of soul conscious love and you will be able to cooperative in finding a solution to a every problem somewhere whatever we do there shouldn’t be reaction whether it’s my reaction or reaction from others it should be so beautifully done sweetly lovingly done that there is change happens in other soul and other soul feel it’s because of love I have change not because of law I have change so love can not change really anyone it can help so Baba is saying that when correction anyone also give cooperation which means to be an image of soul conscious love within a second actually I should just become an image of love I notice these days you see little little mistakes are happening you notice it you draw attention to that person but you don’t keep it in your heart so and so like that. Dadi use to tell us when you saying that in a way you are not sharing blessings but rather you are cursing that soul you will be same you are, even simple word like so and so is like that nobody is like whatever one is forever right, everyone improves everyone changes everyone has a aim to become perfect to look at that willingness, look at the desire of the soul to improve to transform then love will be from your heart and if someone is not doing that then still what we have to do is to cooperate that soul in the sense of by giving company by sharing love other soul can also progress now what are the laws? rules and regulations guidelines is for my personal life and also the way I do everything some souls they are very good in following rules and regulations then no obstacles right but if we do what comes in our mind the way we want then step by step there will be problems journey won’t be smooth even the task you are doing will not be successful, some people call it is restrictions it’s not right__i always say follow the law of Baba follow the laws of the land never do anything which is not right brother Eric always speaks to us to and says is better to do what you do in properly instead of spending time in redoing it we all are working for peace right so we have to use all peaceful mans even through eyes through our words at every step Baba says there should be sweetness so when you are humble and sweet then even if you have to say something but they will experience soul conscious love and the soul conscious love really works like cooperation to that many souls they are not move forward on their own so they need some help sometimes listing to then what are their difficulties what are the obstacles and some times just set the example in front of them so they can look at you and start following our Brahmababa whenever someone said something to Baba about that soul Baba will smile and say children you make your Owen effort okay you told Baba now Baba will take care so everyone everydadi would say that pay attention to the self become swadarshaan chakradhari not perdarshaan all the time what this one doing what that one doing what you remain busy for your self and making this spiritual effort and also with others you really will not be attracted or distracted by anything so combination of keeping high aim but also free from desires someone said what about reaching to high status becoming Laxmi Narayan is that not the desire but that desire Baba created in us Baba wants us to maintain that desire Baba wants us to keep aim that I will become Laxmi Narayan it’s a confluence age, auspicious age we have to reach to stage of perfection and then you will see all elements will help you, nature will bow down and souls will cooperate so how that balance is use we can look at Dadi’s and see how they use that balance. Didi Manmohini if she has to talk to us and of course we knew that it’s for our progress she will always call you are my friend that’s why I am telling you because you will do actions anyway and you will get the result but still I am your friend I am telling you in advance you have to change your words which is the tone with what you are speaking so she will talk as a friend and she will always say you are my friend so she had a way to teach us right so it’s very very good to think reflect on balance between love and law is important.

Om Shanti.

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