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Baba and I #28

Volcanic_Yoga_28 Mohini_Didi Aug 28th,2023

Om Shanti !

Is everyone OK? It's really Baba’s blessings that keep us well. Baba, this whole month had been reminding us to have volcanic remembrance, volcanic yoga, volcanic atmosphere. Volcanic yoga is possible only when it’s “Baba and I”. We say that's all it is, but then many subtle things can attach, sometimes my family, sometimes my contacts, my problems or situations - Baba, please take care of this. What we enjoy is the meeting of soul and Supreme Soul.

I know that I am so used to meeting Bapdada, before then only Shiv Baba in Sakar. In that there is awareness of not only soul, but Baba's child. Soul is Baba’s child, but that is with Shiv Baba. With Bapdada, we are BK’s, Baba’s daughters. A daughter has a body and a son has a body, but then when we go into incorporeal, it’s just soul with Supreme Soul. Ultimately that's what it will be and what our practice should be. Baba is giving us homework. When all our thoughts are quiet, and only one thought remains “Baba and I”, that is called powerful yoga. All thoughts apart from the experience of meeting the Father should vanish. Take your time, think about it. Only then could you say that your remembrance is volcanic. Even remembrance is volcanic, through which transformation can happen.

Many ask why sanskars emerge again after a long time, we find the same pattern of thoughts emerging. That means it's not completely transformed. When there is volcanic yoga. volcanic remembrance, then there will be deep transformation. For this use the power to merge. Everything should merge. As soon as you say stop, you should be able to put a full stop. A powerful brake should be applied. Not a big brake. Sometimes, we say stop, it stops, but not all the time. What Baba wants is that it should be all the time, because you don't know when you will need it. While driving you have to always have attention, one foot is always near the brake. What I notice is that, the habit of not only using stop, but whatever is needed, at that moment, if I can do that. I find that sometimes that doesn't happen. Maybe 3-5 minutes after, but not that moment. Knowing that yes, this can be done, but it's not coming in the intellect. Sometimes others remind you or you become aware. This is the way I could just be free from what is happening. I've been thinking since yesterday how to use this. At that moment, exactly the right thought comes. Then you don't really suffer. There is no accident, there is no pain. If somebody gets hurt, does that person need eyes or does that person need what that person needs? If you give immediately to that person, there will be a big relief. That is why, some of the remedies we should know. When there is a fire, the blanket is used. Baba here is talking about the ability of mind. Not only capacity, but the right thought at the right moment. I think that keeping an eye free can definitely help us where the mind can be very sharp or intellect can be very clear. Many times we think and then we realize after some time it was not necessary. You should have worked anyway. Why do I use so many thoughts? We will pay attention to our homework, “Baba and I” and also use our brakes. When we say stop, there’s a stop. While listening and speaking, Baba says, a checker and maker. We check ourselves, and then we know that we have to transform and also become a maker, that was in the Avyakt murli.

Baba has been saying a lot about waste, don't waste. I thought this Rakshabandhan, we are giving Baba some gift or pocket money and that will be probably no more waste. A little bit of extra thinking, going into things which are not necessary, like Baba said yesterday, little things should not even appear, so that there is enough time and energy for elevated thoughts, elevated efforts or just to have volcanic yoga, so that there is a very deep transformation.

Om Shanti!

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