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An Image Of Support And An Example For The Whole World #26

Elevated_Self_Respect_26 Mohini_Didi June 26, 2023

Om Shanti everyone!

Every word that Baba speaks for the children is of respect, elevated. Baba always sees us as masters which means to be like Baba. Baba is the Ocean of Love, we should be the master. Whatever the qualities are, Baba is Almighty, not only of one power, but all the powers. What are children? Master almighty! That’s what we were when we began our journey. One of the parts of the journey was the confluence age, another part of the journey is the golden age. Once Baba asked the question, where does the cycle begin, at the confluence age or golden age? Baba said the confluence age, because it is at the confluence age that you create the sanskars like Baba. In the golden age we will be gods and goddesses. We will be worship worthy. It’s not at the confluence age that we are worship worthy or deities, but we are Godly children. It's a Godly family, Godly love, Godly principles, Godly university. If you look at it, we use Godly words in everything. Unless we become Godly we cannot become divine. Not only becoming like Baba but doing what Baba is doing. Being a master, what will we be doing? What do we have to do? As Baba is the Ocean of Love, we become the master oceans of love. I would like all of us to be in that experience, even for a moment, be that embodiment and see how you feel. Mamma used to say, become embodiment while listening. Sometimes you say, I will start tomorrow, but even if for a moment you experience it now, you can emerge that experience during the day. It will naturally come. I like to do it while listening or talking, being in that awareness and experience. This is also the way the sanskars are created. Where will Godly sanskars come from? The confluence age.

Internally Baba says there is so much pure pride, because we are God’s first creation. Being God’s first creation, we are like Baba and this shows what Baba is! Baba looks at us. Before sleeping today, tomorrow morning, start your Amrit Vela and take one of Baba’s qualities, then another one and internally look at yourselves. Am I a master ocean of love? Am I a master ocean of peace? That’s how you will find your eternal self, your original self. While listening, it’s not only that I believe it through intellect, but I should accept it and be in that awareness.

The homework Baba is giving us as Avyakti signals that you are my first creation and first creation means roots, foundation, foundation is actually the image of support. What do the roots give to the tree? What’s the function of foundation? If the foundation of a building is even a little bit weak, then we look at the whole building and know what can come next. Bring that stability, that strength and be an image of support. The best way to do that is being the example; example in how we learn in our relationships. Do everything, while being a good example. When we are images of support and examples, we have this pure pride of who I am and you always remember what I should be and what I should do. We have to be it, it’s not someone else. Don’t have doubt that you don’t know if you could be that. It's Baba, our parents saying directly to the children. Baba says you all are ancestor souls, so what do ancestor souls do? Being ancestor souls, you have royalty, a personality of being worship worthy. Baba is preparing us to play our part at the confluence age which is very important. An elevated part, doing tapasya and maintaining this awareness that I am the foundation, we are the roots!

Baba says that when you have pure pride of ‘who am I?’, you become free from worries. Very subtly we have worries, concerns, fears. All that will be removed and you become a carefree emperor. At least at the confluence age, you should become a carefree emperor. That means be very light. Baba wants to see each child carefree. Baba says when you are carefree, you are double light. When you are double light, then Baba places a crown of light on you! At the confluence age one of my achievements is to be carefree. Every moment, drama, cycle, time is spinning. It never stops and then being Baba’s children, helpers in Baba’s task, we are at every moment, creating, changing to a new world, golden aged world. Internally this feeling as we are moving forward and Baba putting that crown on us. As much as we are holy, that much we are high. If there is purity, there won’t be any worry, even subtly. Worries are because of some bondage, some impurity.

Every word which we hear from Baba, not only do you create awareness, but you see yourselves as embodiments. Most of you will say, during the day we are busy and it’s not possible. Do 2-5 minutes, make time, sit and create your awareness. “I am the image of support.” I think this will increase your capacity to move forward, to forgive and be unlimited. You will feel that you are becoming an unlimited bestower not limited. As much you practice, as much you are in that stage, you will see how much your spiritual capacities are increasing. When spiritual capacities increase, you are an example to others. Whenever there is a situation, others will look at it and say, “That’s a good example”. While listening to Baba, I really feel no matter how great or high Baba is, that much He is giving respect to everyone, humble. God is telling us you are like Me, you are the masters and truly we are. As children we are carefree and as masters we are responsible and ready to take the crown from Baba. It's very beautiful whether it is Murli or Avyakti signal, both are something we need to reflect or go deeper and then be the embodiment. Practice it and tomorrow you will have many experiences.

Om Shanti!

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