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An embodiment of success #21

Updated: Apr 1

ecome_a_Carefree_Emperor_21               Mohini_Didi                March 21, 2024   

Om Shanti! 

We are standing at the Confluence Age. It’s like a bridge where we can see both sides. I know of a pilgrimage called Confluence in Allahabad. I haven’t gone there recently but they say it is very beautiful now. So, when you are standing at Confluence, one side you see the Ganges and other side you see Yamuna. The Ganges has very clean blue water, and the water of Yamuna is very muddy. You can see the contrast of the two rivers. I still remember also in South Africa, there is this Confluence of two oceans. There are some other places also, but this one is the real one where on one side there is land of sorrow and on the other side there is land of happiness. Baba has come and He creates Brahmins, and through Brahmins, He creates the world of happiness. So, that means in Brahmin life, there shouldn’t be any sorrow. If we accurately follow in practical life the life of happiness, that means our nature will change from sorrow to happiness. Baba is called the Remover of Sorrow and Bestower of Happiness. So, every signal that comes from Baba indicates for us to not have any sorrow. Baba said yesterday that you always have to be very happy because you are going to the land of happiness. It’s very interesting. So we have to check whether we are successful or not. Baba’s children are always successful. So, the signal that Baba gives us is to be the embodiment of success. We use the word “Siddhi”, that is, success. Children who know the methods and the laws are embodiments of success in every thought and in every action. An embodiment of success means an emperor of the land without sorrow. Before you attain the fortune of the kingdom in the future, you are the emperors of the land without sorrow at the present time. So, Baba says to let there not be any sorrow, any wave of sorrow, because you have come away from the land of sorrow and are standing at the Confluence Age. I still keep thinking deeply why Baba doesn’t want us to have any sorrow. I saw with Brahma Baba, anything that came and left, children came and left, so many obstacles, diverse situations, a lot of anti-expressions, but Brahma Baba was never shaken nor did he take any sorrow. I think taking sorrow depletes your power. It takes away your energy, makes you feel helpless, makes you feel that you are suffering. So we have to always remind ourselves, I am with Baba, I am at the Confluence Age, I have to be an embodiment of success. Of course, there will be situations, but they are situations, my stage should be consistent, not just sometimes. So, we all will keep the aim to fulfill whatever Baba hopes from us. We have to be free from sorrow and an embodiment of success.

Om Shanti


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