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An easy nature #17

Sweetness_and_Love_17            Mohini_Didi              February 17, 2024

Om Shanti!

Baba’s very sweet and lovely children. Loving and sweetness, we need to have these two qualities. When the heart is full of love, it’s easy to be sweet. Actually, to be sweet should be easy. Baba wants our nature to be very sweet, very lovely. Amongst the family and even with the lokik people, what touches their heart is our sweetness. It does require patience, and it does require acceptance. Everyone has a different nature, but if we want a universal culture or oneness, it is only possible when we use our internal nature of the soul. So, when we practice soul consciousness, then automatically, very naturally, the nature of the soul and the eternal qualities of the soul emerge. These qualities are very beautiful. There is love, there is sweetness, and there is respect. Our thoughts, words, actions, and interaction with others, everything is very sweet and lovely. We definitely have to be attentive that the old sanskars don't emerge. Especially because of karmic accounts with some souls you can’t tolerate, you get impatient or irritated, and with some souls you don’t. So it's a karmic account, right? We need to go beyond and pay attention that my nature should be very serene, not complicated, not difficult. Baba wants us to get along with everyone, be friendly, be loving, we should be able to work together. For that, what is required is an easy nature. We have to inculcate that nature, and inculcation happens through practice. In our thoughts, our words, our actions, all the time, our eternal qualities are important. So, Baba is giving us homework, saying that BapDada has seen that each child’s nature is his own. To be successful in everything, in relationships, and being victorious in your mind and sweet in your words, you have to have an easy nature, not a careless nature. If you don’t care, what will the result be? Those who are careful, who want to be successful, want to be victorious, they can’t say ‘I don't care’, right? An easy nature means that as is the time, as is the person, as are the circumstances, I am discerning these and making myself easy. Easy means harmonious. You don’t have conflicts, you don't have problems with anyone, and you don’t find it difficult. So eternal nature, keep practicing, keep practicing. Sometimes we do this for a while, then we forget, but this is something we have to do consistently. When we do it, we will definitely develop an easy nature, sweet nature, serene nature, and friendly nature. 

Om Shanti

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