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Always speak elevated versions #22

Updated: Apr 1

Become_a_Carefree_Emperor_22 Mohini_Didi          March 22, 2024

Om Shanti!

Baba comes and explains to us the importance of each word and how there can be a successful accomplishment or siddhi of each thought. Something has to happen, is it our thoughts that change into something? A second power is the power of words. I know that at home when children speak, sometimes we always say it will come true, because of their truth, because children are honest and truthful. Baba always teaches us about soul consciousness, remembrance of Baba, spiritual relationships. Those fill in the thoughts but then there are qualities like  love, happiness and good wishes. Then also Baba always says to us, think less and speak less. If we have created the habit of speaking less, then we will think less, and when it becomes the habit to think less then we speak less also. Today Baba is saying, always speak elevated versions. 

Every child of BapDada is a master. You are emperors of the land without sorrow at the confluence age, the incorporeal world and in heaven, you are masters of all three. Every thought of such masters is successful. Those who have such a line of fortune, are always emperors of the land without sorrow. They will always speak elevated versions with their mouths. Elevated versions are always few. Baba says that, so do not spend wastefully the energy of both thoughts and the words. Since we belong to Baba and we take knowledge or even if we have to do yoga, meditation, our attention goes on thoughts. A lot of people either don’t want to attempt to do meditation, or they say they  can’t do it. They don’t have control over thoughts or get too many thoughts, so they don’t want to try. Before we did not know how much we used to think and how much energy of thoughts we wasted. Now we know that we can use these thoughts also to gain success and to have concentration. We call it energy or power but before we just wasted it so much. Baba says elevated versions are always few. When you have to speak, you waste so many stories and so many events, you keep describing. When we belong to Baba, we have to think positive, elevated, everything is very limited. Baba is saying now don’t waste your thoughts, your powers or your energy of words. 

Om Shanti 

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