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Always Remain Happy and Make Others Happy #27

Embodiment_of_Solutions_27 Mohini_Didi September 27, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone okay, good? Yes! Nice to see all of you! Today is the last day, then they will immerse the idol of Ganesh into the ocean. After nine days of worshipping, on the tenth day they sink it in the water. So, they plan such a way that after nine days they will say goodbye to Ganesh. I like when Baba was talking about the power of concentration and power of determination. When there’s concentration, deeply within, you feel very happy because while in concentration whether on the self or on task, some kind of deep insights, deep feelings emerge, and that makes your heart very happy. Baba says that sometimes there is a lot of concentration but lack of determination. So you have a lot of good thoughts in the intellect, but when it comes to implementing, you do not do it practically. So determination and concentration, I think are very good powers. Baba was saying that you have to help others, and I think our concentration and determination will help others.

In our homework, Baba is talking about, ‘be happy hearted’, That means do not just be happy because you’re successful, because this is happening, that is happening, but you’re happy hearted, that means you’re satisfied, content. In Hindi, ’khushi’, is like happiness, ‘prashann-chitt’ is like happy hearted. Like by heart you’re always happy, and it’s really a big blessing. That means nothing gets you upset, or you’re not ambitious, you don’t have unfulfilled desires. There are certain weaknesses that always attack us in the form of Maya, and when they attack you then you’re not set, you’re upset. I think as much as we apply, a minute passes, then it’s Drama, as much we apply knowledge, use three dots, you can be constantly happy and pleased. We ask each other, are you pleased with this? You sign a lease, you fill a form, are you pleased with that? That means, “Are you happy about it?” So pleased is like satisfied. I am very pleased with your task. So always remain happy and make others happy. Now use your time for unlimited service and problems will automatically run away. Unlimited service is thinking big, right? Like we have IT people, if they create a program for centres, they find it’s very useful. The first thought will come to let everyone use it. So that’s unlimited, but keeping to yourself, restricted to yourself is limited.

So we have to think, what’s unlimited? Then the problems will automatically run away. Use your time for unlimited service and problems will automatically run away. Give the cooperation of powers and virtues to weak souls. That means every case is different, everyone is weak in different ways. Some are weak in studies, some are weak in service, some are weak in relationships, some are weak in staying in self respect. Baba is saying to give the cooperation of power and virtues to weak ones who are influenced by problems. So instead of being pleasant, happy hearted, their heart is full of problems. Most intellectuals have that problem. When you sit with them, they’re thinking about problems or solutions, but when you are thinking of solutions, in a way, you are also thinking of a problem. There should be a time when you forget everything. So Baba is saying to give the cooperation of power and virtues to the weak souls who are influenced by the problems. Give powers to those who are powerless. Baba talked of two powers, ‘concentration’ and ‘determination’. So, what do we have to do? Help souls, because when there is concentration, there’s very deep contentment because you’re able to use your abilities to make them very high quality. That high quality is concentration. When you are not able to concentrate, your mind is scattered all over, and you can never be happy. So Baba is saying that blessings from them will become a gift for you. When you give someone power, they become powerful and then they give you a blessing. So, to always remain happy and make others happy means to receive blessings and give blessings. These blessings really make you a conqueror of Maya. Good wishes can be through the intellect, but blessings come from the heart, where others feel that what you have given is very valuable, and very comforting.

We are in Shantivan. After about four years, we’re having a ‘Peace of Mind retreat’. These days whether it is contact souls or Brahmins, they like to come to Madhuban. Even if it’s a long way, expensive tickets but, so I was asking them, they say about 200 plus are coming for ‘Peace of Mind’ plus escorts. So it becomes 300. Gyan Sarovar can only accommodate 300. They are also preparing now for the season. The conferences are still on. This weekend there’s medical, which will finish, then the weekend after is another conference. So it’s like one after another conference. You know our Father is Unlimited, the family is unlimited, our service is unlimited. In Shantivan today they have 5,000 for Brahma bhojan, that’s the normal number. So it’s very nice here and we all are happy.

Om Shanti


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