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Always Have Zeal and Enthusiasm #26

Embodiment_of_Solution_26 Mohini_Didi September 26, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Lots of love from Shantivan. It’s beautiful here. Everyone is okay, such a great blessing. Baba is saying that the season, the latest fashion, everyone walks with their little pill box; red color, green, blue, a lot of pills. This is for vitamin D, this is for this, this is for that. Everyone has different pills, and then ‘I am going for cleansing’, and ‘I am going for this therapy’. It was not very common, but these days, even in India, they have opened so many places. Even BKs have started in many places in Gujarat, in South India, everywhere. So one of the things that therapy does is, they say to stop eating cooked food, only raw food, no milk, no milk products. So people do it for two weeks, three weeks and they feel better, but then also they feel very weak. So what Baba meant was that yes whatever is needed for the body, you all have to do it, but I also feel that we should be moderate. If we are sometimes extreme in anything, whether diet or whatever, then the extreme becomes very difficult. So, that is my personal opinion. Everyone has their own, and we have to take care of the body. Whether we have to take medicine or whatever, because when the body is not well, it affects the mind. So then it reduces our enthusiasm. Each one of us has to see what helps to maintain enthusiasm. I find that many of you are very enthusiastic. With some, there is enthusiasm then it reduces, then it increases, then it reduces. We have to maintain it constantly. So you can share, you can reflect on that and see how it works.

So, Baba says that the children who always have zeal and enthusiasm cannot have any problems stay in front of them. With zeal and enthusiasm, nothing seems impossible, nothing seems to be a problem, and we immediately say, “It's okay, it will be alright.” A lot of positive thoughts come. We always have to remember that we are victorious jewels, we have Baba’s blessings, we have Baba’s knowledge, really we are very lucky. So many resources, so many remedies we have from Baba, the Confluence Age, the Brahmin family. Very often there are festivals, celebrations, birthday celebrations. So the whole Brahmin life is like a celebration. So plan properly. Many ask me about birthday celebrations. I say, yes you should do it. I always recommend it, but it’s not easy to do it at home and then invite lokiks. So do it with Baba’s children, family. Every center or class, once in a month, one of the Sundays, just keep it for birthday celebrations. So they all together cut the cake and celebrate in whatever way, offer bhog to Baba, and celebrate with the family. Like celebrating Raksha Bandhan, sometimes it is for one month, different groups, in New york, many senior citizen homes, they invite for celebration of Rakhi. They are so happy to get Rakhi and toli. So it is good to contact the community, especially senior citizens. Nobody really goes to them. So they really feel happy. So our celebration is more about doing service. Everywhere should do that. Those who have zeal and enthusiasm can never be disheartened. The sign of zeal and enthusiasm is happiness. Zeal and enthusiasm can change storms into gifts and a mountain into a cotton ball, or mountain into a mustard seed. Enthusiasm makes you experience any type of test or problem as a form of entertainment. So, never allow your enthusiasm to decrease. Today is Thursday, so we have to make bhog for Baba, and offer bhog to Baba. Then Sunday comes, and we have revision of Avyakt Murli. Everyday there is something, and that means zeal and enthusiasm. So even in the family, we have to keep everyone happy. So what do they do? They talk about their meals. What are they going to eat today? Then, they need to shop for that. What vegetables are in the market? Which fruit is new in the market? Let’s take it for Baba. Some like learning to make different kinds of food, Brahma Bhojan, different kinds of bhog, karma yoga. So zeal and enthusiasm is all about doing right. I liked the point of connecting happiness with zeal and enthusiasm. When you are happy, you like to do many things. Our Dadi Prakashmani used to ask for dilkhush mithai (sweet that gives happiness). In the morning, Dadi would share one thought, “I want to have one program.” At that time Dadi would say, we want to see 5000 Brahmins together. That’s how we got the land for Peace Park. In Peace Park 5000 can gather. Now they have 15,000, 25,000, as the season will begin, there is a big crowd. Also, the sevadharis, they do everything with a lot of love.

So, with zeal and enthusiasm, I have been thinking about what we can do. Something new, something different, and also big, here there are so many of us, but one enthusiasm could be for learning. Some people will watch everything but won't learn. If you are cooking, they will watch, but when they have to make, they don’t know because they haven’t done it. There are some, when they observe, they learn and they can make it immediately using recipes or anything. So enthusiasm reduces when there are certain obstacles, like if you don’t get enough support, or there is a lack of appreciation. If you are an artist, you always like your art to be seen, appreciated, and displayed. If it doesn’t happen, then enthusiasm reduces. That should not happen. If the appreciation is not there, that means you won’t enjoy what you are doing. But if you do it with love, definitely it will be appreciated. Many things we do, nobody notices how great they are! If they are great, definitely one day it will be noticed. So, don’t worry about the obstacles, but just keep doing it. What are the benefits and attainments? Knowledge is wisdom, the highest knowledge in the world. So, I have to share it, I have to churn it, practice it, and then share it with others. The intellect needs to be working. So creativity of mind, intellect, words even, learning, and then sharing new words, and new ways of doing service.

Om Shanti


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