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Always Have Powerful Thoughts#12

Increase_Account_of_Accumulation_12 Mohini_Didi March 12, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone well? You were aware of the change of time. Maybe some are not, but it seems some who have booked their windows, they are aware. Baba is talking a lot about the power of love. When there is love, there is remembrance. When there is love, there are blessings. This love is deeply within, knowing, for me at least, that my eternal relationship is only with One. Some relationships could be even lifelong, but they are not eternal. This is the relationship that what you receive always strengthens and supports, we never get deceived. It’s true, it’s unconditional, it always brings power. I always had this feeling for Baba even before gyan, that I belong to Him and He belongs to me. This feeling of belonging, deeply within, with Baba, brings closeness to Baba. There is no effort in remembrance. He is present for us, and we also have to be available for Baba. We should be ready in such a way that Baba can use me in whatever way. Baba is incorporeal, so whatever He has to do of course He can do as incorporeal. The majority of Baba‘s children in the world would like to experience Baba more through some corporeal way. Then Baba chooses us as children to be instruments, to express Baba's love, Baba's care, Baba's power. So it’s us, we children, this is what is called actually revealing Baba. Revealing Baba is not one day, we are clear, He is God, He is teaching us, but it could be at any moment through our stage. If I am merged in love, everyone can feel that love, and when they feel that love, naturally, they feel close and their faith increases, recognition happens more.

It’s very interesting when we think of love for God, to be in love with God. Today, Baba is giving us signal homework. People look forward to recycling, and these days especially, water is a very big issue, especially filtered water, worldwide there is difficulty, there is limited filtered water. In big cities, we don’t realize but there are many countries where there is a shortage of water, so they recycle for farming, sanitation, and many different ways, they use recycled water. I know that many years ago when I came to know in Pandav bhawan, all the plants, flowers, everything were watered through recycled water, but then whatever flowers, they don’t use it for food but it was definitely used for grass and for fruits. So, everyone has this thought to change the waste for the use of the best. Then how do we do this with our thoughts? One of the ways is to have determination that I will have elevated thoughts from now on. You can’t really do much about the past, but have determination, have pure thoughts. Have the thought that it’s Baba‘s money and it has to be used for some service. It was never mine, it should not go to waste and I don’t need it for myself, for my comfort or luxury. So, create very elevated thoughts even for your own body. Baba, it’s Yours, You have to use it. So we surrender it to Baba and have elevated thoughts. Don’t become weak, disappointed, hopeless, and say, “I don’t know what to do now.” No, keep courage, determination, and faith in Baba and Drama. Then you can change waste into best.

So, how do I recycle in the sense of whatever has gone as waste? I always had this feeling that not only do I belong to Baba, but everything belongs to Baba. Then you can never lose anything, there will never be a deficit of anything. So that’s very important. Baba is saying again to create a budget with the power of thoughts. What is the power of thought? Sometimes we think about some things that are not very important. We have to use our thoughts for a purpose, what has to be done, because thought is power. There is power of words, power of actions, power of time, we have to decide and make a budget for how much, where, and for what it has to be used. Then you will see how everything multiplies. With my capacity to keep doing it, sometimes we could get exhausted and say, “Oh, I cannot do anymore”, whether that is thoughts or time, or physical strength. You will find if you have used it in a proper way, until the last moment the soul is in the body, it will serve. Many of Baba‘s children, I have seen them until the last moment, and they are able to help the Yagya in some way or the other. If not physically, then mentally, if not mentally then through the intellect. So, we should also have these elevated thoughts that I want to use everything in a worthwhile way. Thoughts, words, and all the powers have to be used in a worthwhile way.

So, it is very interesting looking at ordinary thoughts, thoughts like sometimes excessive thinking that doesn’t help, it’s a loss of power, capacity, potential, everything is within the thought. In other words, never lose power. Sometimes we also give up internally, sometimes we are tired, disappointed, disillusioned, that should not happen. So it is very interesting to look at your property of thoughts, words, actions, wealth, body, whatever. Then you see them as the power, as capacity, and you will never waste it. You will make fortune not only for yourself, but looking at you, others will be inspired, and you will receive blessings, not only from Baba, but from everyone at the Confluence age. Our fortune is in the blessings that we receive. So, multiply and you will see the magic of being elevated. Don’t let anything go to waste, change waste into the best, increase your fortune, keep receiving blessings, and be a bestower. Always give, and definitely let the heart and the mind be full of love.

Om Shanti

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