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Always be full of all attainments and make others full #26

Elevated_Mind_and_Subtle_Attitude_26 Mohini_Didi May 26, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba has to keep reminding us of our attainments of the confluence age. It’s really a kind of awakening. I think we all had been students. Some are still students. As a student you choose a subject, decide what you want as your career. Baba talks about an administrative service which used to be ‘ICS’ in which you can only give that exam to ages of 26-29. In that exam you have to study everything you can think of, all the books, all the information. Very few are selected to take the exam and then fewer pass, but then the services which you get in government you start from ‘IS’ officer, it is a good beginning, good position, good authority. When I think of Baba’s studies, He prepares us not only for one life, but eternally. Through Baba’s studies the knowledge which we get to make our intellect stable and also to have inculcation of all virtues and a very high quality of service to humanity. Baba says I have become the Teacher to teach you, so we should have that much intoxication.

When Baba says you are becoming Laxmi and Narayan, it feels like we are not ready for that status. The word ‘Laxmi’ is one who has all qualities, abundance and prosperity. Baba is talking about blessings every day. We know He is the Ocean of Knowledge, but never forget that you have a birthright and that is also that you are master almighty. Just that awareness brings power. We forget that and are not able to use all the attainments, all the birthrights. The most important is our inheritance. As much as we think about this then our connection with Baba, realization that eternally all my qualities are like God’s qualities because I am the child of God, but degrees have gone down. Instead of a full moon it became like a blue moon, the percentage is very low of all the qualities, virtues and purity. When we belong to Baba then we keep increasing our percentage. Baba says you have to become 16 degrees complete and that’s what the homework for tomorrow is.

Always create elevated, high thoughts, good quality thoughts. In our lives as soon as there was recognition of Baba the thought that Baba has adopted me, I belong to Baba and I have to serve like Baba to the world which is not going to continue or is in very negative state. I have to co-create with Baba for the new world. If that had been the realization from very beginning then when you share with others, automatically other souls you are sharing with will also become heir souls. Heir souls means I am adopted by Baba and I have to serve like Baba. Your quality of thoughts will create quality souls, that is heir souls, those who claim full inheritance. Also your elevated thoughts will create or make everyone as co-operative souls and also create Baba’s children, those who recognize Baba and become Baba’s children, BK’s.

Whenever you feel something is lacking in your energy and it is not that high or any kind of emotional downside comes, think of your attainments from Baba. You increase your intoxication and that is why Baba keeps reminding us to have that awareness. Baba says this will keep you complete, full of all attainments and you will also remind others of their attainments. Service is not just to keep giving classes or courses but to make others like Baba. Make others the same as what your intoxication is so when our thoughts are of such quality it serves not only the self, but it serves others too. Baba’s signal is to remain full of all attainments and make others full of all attainments. Tomorrow we will do this homework and look at our thoughts, keep creating elevated thoughts and remain full with all attainments.

Om Shanti


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