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Always Be Fearless and courageous #21

Honest_Heart_21 Mohini_Didi December 21, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Lovely to see each one well and okay! In the Month of January, we will be looking at our attainments and our treasures. Baba especially mentioned the treasures of thoughts and time. Also, there are many other treasures like knowledge, powers, virtues, and Baba gave an indication of becoming complete and perfect, to be like Baba. There will be some kind of signals and practices, but this should be the aim that I have to accumulate and look at how valuable these treasures are. How am I using them and also accumulating? So, I think that in the month of January while doing tapasya, we will also pay attention to this, because we have to take a high jump. One of the thoughts that sometimes could create fear is “what will happen?” I had been thinking whatever is happening is good, beneficial. So whatever will happen will also be very good. Baba says that it will be better. Baba wants us to keep repeating in the mind and also practice until it becomes a habit. How many of you think you are fearless? Some are raising hands. Baba said that it is only because of our weaknesses that there are many fears. When your body is weak or the mind is weak, that's why those thoughts come. So now I prepare myself, remember Baba, Baba will take care of us. It's not about what will happen, but it's just some kind of fear that emerges when there is weakness. So that means what we have to do to keep the awareness of my treasures from Baba. That’s the ultimate aim right? So what do I do anytime my mind is questioning or not feeling very strong, I immediately just start remembering Baba. Even if it is time for the soul to leave the body, it’s fine, there is remembrance. Baba said for us to maintain courage. Sometimes when there is fear, you lose courage, and that is the worst thing. When we think of certain moments where you were about to go through something or you went through something and then decide I am not going to do that again. I don't know how some things can get deeply printed in my sanskars, even if they are some things that lasted for a few moments. You can’t forget the little things that happen in life and they leave such a deep impact. We have to keep courage.

Dadi Janki always told me, “You are very courageous.” They said that you need to keep saying it so that I remain courageous. So, I think it's a strong point for all of us to kind of see how it is through faith, it is through doing something with courage, that we remove and heal those weaknesses or those incidents that happened in our lives. We know it's a karmic account and settlement has to happen, but during settlement, we don't want any trace to be left. So, I think one of the practices that I like to do is to be merged in Baba’s love. There is nothing from the past that comes up as an influence. It's a big influence of our past circumstances, past situations, but also at present, any situation or scene of drama, observe it as a detached observer, not very attentively you see. If you see an accident on the road and you just stop there and see how it did happen, why it happened, who died, many people were involved? That is why I like it when Baba said, “Have your feelings, have mercy at that time, what souls need and what kind of atmosphere you have to create.” Many times it happens that you have to just make everyone courageous also. So, we also have to encourage others, not only for such an extreme situation, but for the whole day in our lives. Love and encouragement, and in Hindi we call it “protsahan”. Encourage everyone. It's not only that I am courageous and I keep telling you that you are fearful, you can never do it. No, serve with a lot of love and courage, because you are the way you are, serving the souls, whether they stay with you or they call you or wherever they are. So it's not only that I have to be fearless, but I have to create that atmosphere of fearlessness. These days, there is so much fear of sickness, and that virus. We have to take precautions, but still have a lot of mercy and keep saying you will be alright, you will be ok, everything will be ok. So our words, every word can do service, or can also affect other souls, that is called sustenance, that is called real seva. Every time, every word I say helps others so that there is more courage, more energy. Sometimes we say certain things and that they're not really very good for the spirit, soul of others. For us, it could be ordinary, and I am always trying to be very attentive on what I say to anyone whether younger, older, equal, just say words of encouragement. So, courage is not for just physical things but for every action we do, every situation we go through, and have such powerful vibrations that you help others souls. Not just ordinary vibrations, ordinary thoughts.

So, in the month of January, it says less speaking, sweet and soft, but I would say also of courage, of love, of enthusiasm. “Oh, you are doing very well, I'm sure you will do better.” If someone is feeling good about whatever they're doing, we help them to feel more good, you are doing very well. So, I feel my determination is not only that I am fearless and courageous, but that I want everyone else also around me, if they have some fears, to help them to come out of that fear. I'm sure we all have some fear but also courage, determination, that I will encourage everyone and there are very simple ways. As I said that your drishti, your words, your presence can increase the courage of others. So, if I encourage other people, that courage will come back to me also. So Baba says to practice to have feelings for all the souls. Be merciful, but all that is connected again with a clean heart and true heart. Different kinds of ordinary thoughts come, that is something not clean. So, our heart needs to be more clean and honest and truthful. Not only will we be seated on Baba’s heart throne, but on everyone's heart throne, because of this subtle service that you are doing towards the soul, they will get power from there. Baba said that when the Master is pleased, then all other souls are also pleased. It's a very important thing, and that is if we have done service to them by increasing their courage, helping them to be fearless.

Om Shanti


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