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All Of This Belongs To The Father. Nothing Is Mine #5

Become_an_Avyakt_Angel_5 Mohini _Didi April 5, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Every word that Baba speaks to us is giving and creating the awareness of self-respect. There is a lack of self-respect because of body consciousness, it has become very natural, but now Baba wants us to change that awareness from body consciousness into our self-respect. So, it is so beautiful when Baba says to have the awareness of master Almighty. Just imagine the power you will get and everything actually in the world today works with the power, and that power depends on our connection.

Recently, Baba said very nicely that your connection is directly with Baba. You have a direct line and it's true because we have to remain very clear and strong to keep our direct connection. There are a lot of things happening around us, but do not get involved or influenced, just follow the Father. Baba is Almighty, how is Baba functioning? I have to follow the Father. So, then we don't lose the path. The second aspect, is that Baba said that you have God’s lap of love and cooperation. As much as I am in the awareness of Baba's love, I remain merged in Baba's love so that I can feel Baba's cooperation. This is a very beautiful and powerful awareness that I have to move on and reach my destination. I am in the lap of God's love and cooperation. Then automatically there is love and cooperation amongst us, with each other. For example, we try to lift something with one hand and we find that it is very very heavy. So, automatically, the other hand will lift and try to help, try to cooperate, try to hold. The whole system in the world is meant to be operating with love and cooperation, these are universal values. If children don't receive what they want, they sulk, and they become very non-cooperative. Even if it's cooperation for their own benefit, they don't want to get it, they resist it. Sometimes some kind of stubbornness creates that non-cooperative attitude. It does happen, and that becomes a big obstacle for the self and in Baba's service. Whether that cooperation is through thoughts, words, or any other way. Stay in the lap of love and cooperation.

Today, I just have the thought that I belong to Baba and everything belongs to Baba. There are many people, many Baba’s children, they have everything, and they say or think everything belongs to Baba. In practical terms, when I am using them, I have to remember that this is Baba's. There will be many benefits, like if it is Baba's, I cannot waste it, I have to get Shrimat to use it, and I have to be a trustee for it. A trustee of unlimited wealth still cannot use it in his own way, no, there has to be permission for that. Especially when it comes to your mind, we keep thinking in our own way, in our own feelings. That's not the mind that belongs to Baba. When the mind belongs to Baba then I cannot think waste. That would be a burden, and that means you are not a trustee of the mind. Brahma Baba started working right from the foundation and that foundation was that “I belong to Baba and everything belongs to Baba”. He started with the mind and intellect and then of course body, relationships, and all the resources. Baba never allowed any weak thoughts. Never. He never lost courage, he never lost love, he never lost enthusiasm. I think we should experiment with that, because if the mind is powerful, it will help the body, it will help everything. If the mind becomes weak, we have wasteful thoughts and we lose everything anyway. Doesn't take long. It could be within five minutes, 10 minutes, and that is why Baba says to maintain faith, so that there is no loss. There are some souls who do things that are not right, but we have to be careful not to be affected, because it's their karma. At that time, just become a detached observer. When you observe, think of ways to increase all the virtues, all the powers within the thoughts. It will work as magic, a miracle, but you will feel practically that it is Baba who is giving us the powers.

So, I'm really fascinated by thinking about being a trustee of your own mind, and then also, a good practice is to have pure elevated thoughts. Everything begins with the thought, and everything can end with the thoughts. The quality of an Angel is lightness,very light. Anything from the past for anyone, anything for anyone, makes us heavy because we are carrying in a subtle way and when you are carrying something you are not light. So, immediately say, “Baba this belongs to you, all are your children.” So, how do we totally surrender so that I don't carry anything? Simple, with the thoughts we say that everything belongs to Baba. Baba is saying that if you want to be a constant server, then you have to serve through thoughts, so you cannot talk the whole day. You cannot do physical things the whole day. In between, when there is time, it is only serving through thoughts. Serving through words is limited, serving through other resources and everything is limited. Unlimited service is only through thoughts. In any way, Baba is saying these days to do more and more service through the mind. Whenever you find your energy is low or you are heavy, instantly think of Baba, think of your self-respect. When you think of Baba, not only heaviness will disappear, but your lightness will be like your angelic form. I think it's good to experiment and see today how many things do happen. When we carry the past, we become heavy. Baba said that when the soul is tired or heavy, then you really have to work hard and then again you are tired. The simple practice of changing mine into yours and also keeping in mind everything I have belongs to Baba, that is today's homework.

Om Shanti

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