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Aim of being in the unlimited # 19

Liberation_in_Life#19                 Mohini_Didi             December 19,2023

Om Shanti everyone! Everyone is okay. When Baba is with you, it's like creating the presence of Baba as Almighty & that is remembrance or smriti. So I find that the biggest way to, but maya makes us forget Baba. Let’s say there is a situation.That means the mind or intellect is busy or occupied in something.So when the mind is occupied in the situation then the weakness emerges & the weakness is o’ what will happen? Will I be able to do it or not? Weak thoughts start coming. Weaknesses are in the form, let's say you have sanskar of being fearful or you have sanskar of having doubts or you have sanskars of too much thinking… So if we have all those sanskars then what happens? Then all these kinds of thoughts come in the mind & when the thoughts come in the mind, it's maya,right. What is maya? Weak thoughts. So when maya comes, maya makes us forget or maya separates us from our companion  Baba. I have the company of Almighty Baba then I am conqueror of maya. That means my weakness will not emerge & I will remain strong. So if my nature is to use the powers then also Almighty will be with me. I think the biggest power which recently Baba mentioned was tolerance. Tolerance is not the situation but sometimes we are not tolerant with each other. That means allowing everyone to be different & do whatever everyone is doing, be tolerant,if it is necessary. But if you love everyone you might not need tolerance. Or always be ready, that whatever happens I have to face the situation, not run away, not be scared & also you need to think of Almighty to go beyond your limits. You need the Companion Almighty Baba to help you to go beyond the limit for everything. But also when we want to do unlimited service. Unlimited service is service through the mind for the whole world. Because Baba is saying you are a world benefactor. World is big. So how can I be a world benefactor without being Master Almighty. So I was connecting that when I am Master Almighty and Almighty is my companion, not only will we go beyond boundaries & limits but also bring benefits to everyone. Prakashmani Dadi came here,.very early when we did not have centers. So a new person,contact soul was driving her & Ramesh bhai. He was Ramesh bhai’s friend & on the way Dadi was talking to him  about traffic control. Dadi said,whenever there is traffic or traffic lights, don’t get impatient or don’t just say,o’ there is so much traffic but what you have to do at this time, start doing traffic control. Think about traffic of the mind & either start saying om shanti or have elevated thoughts,remembrance of Baba! So that soul must keep doing it. Met me after so many years & first thing he shared what Dadi had told him. so when we have to say something to someone with love,with patience & something which could help them practically in their lives immediately. He said applying this traffic control has helped me so much not only not to have wasteful thoughts but my state of mind feels very elevated. After I think maybe 20 years or so he still remembered that. So we listen to knowledge & from there we take very small practices. Like early morning wakeup & say Om shanti,good morning to God. Even children remember, they say,o’ I say good morning to Baba in the morning. Like you will say good morning to your father or your elders at home. So whatever word you are touched,you are touched with, you churn on that & you will find it very useful. 

Om shanti!


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