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Accumulation of Charity #26

Increase_Account_of_Accumulation_26 Mohini_Didi March 26, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone okay? That's great. To be okay is also because of accumulation. Whatever situations or circumstances come, keeping yourselves okay is only possible when there is accumulation of charity. The homework that we need to do is about image - the form. Baba gave seven points. First, start with the top part of an angel. Always look at the star of success within your lines of fortune at the forehead. We all can do that for a moment. Looking at the star of fortune in between the lines of fortune at the forehead, in your eyes there is love and power. Love definitely has very powerful vibrations. It's invisible, but very vibrant, and it's felt that it is good for the self and also for our environment and relationships. Power is also required because love, liking, and then attachment, are so deeply connected. I like this or this one is good. So very subtly, we start getting involved, and then also we have attachment. So Baba always says ‘love and power’. When I go to offer bhog, I always feel Baba’s drishti is loveful but also powerful. Third, Baba said that your heart is very deeply in rest and comfort. We don't realise how every thought in the mind has a direct effect on the heart. Heart problems, heart attacks are so common. Even not knowing, but some kind of stress or some kind of worry, something is being accumulated within. Keep the Comforter of hearts with you. Fourth, Baba said that every step you take, there are multi-million times fortune in that. Baba will tell three more. Seven expressions of our image that we have to create, and it's beautiful because I think we read Murli or revised and since then I had been paying attention. So my forehead, my drishti, my heart and my step, we should practise that. Now is the time to create our image that becomes the idol when I am worship worthy, but even now to give experiences to people and even for my own personal life as Baba's child.

So serving, donation, and charity. Charity is incognito and is done from the heart, not for name and fame. People want their name to be announced, they want tax exemptions, there are so many things they want but charity is very incognito. Charity brings multiple times more calculation as written or reward. Attaining the status of Narayan or Lakshmi is not just by doing service. To be a king, you have to be generous, big hearted, and a constant donor. That's what the personality of a king is, to keep giving. Most important is that the king can only remain king if the treasure store is full. If a king doesn't have anything or is bankrupt, can’t be king because he cannot help his subjects to give whatever they need at the right time. So, the treasures are full, holiness is there, and of course all other qualities. So, always remember the word ‘charity’, where not even in a subtle way you expect the reward to be known. That is the quality of an emperor.

So, Baba is saying that when you do charity, you go above little things. I was wondering what Baba meant by little things? The scenes of Drama, certain matters, they are ordained, they happened. How much does it bother me? How long does it take to overcome? How many waste thoughts come? So, it's important to keep that chart. How much do I spend, and how much do I save? Spending is important, otherwise, how will I give? Giving is spending, but while giving, keep earning also. You can’t keep giving unless you also earn and accumulate. It's a subtle point because you're doing two things at the same time, doing charity and also giving in charity. Now I'm trying to think of an example, but we have to relate to that, doing charity, giving in charity. That’s what Baba meant by ‘accumulate and also donate’.

Now if there are obstacles through thoughts, words, actions, and you want to remove those obstacles, you will use the power of yoga, virtues, and powers. So, all that you are using, is your expense, you're taking out from your savings. That means we have to not allow anything to be like an obstacle in the mind, intellect, or body. When you are serving and doing charity, the power of yoga is important. The intellect shouldn't be with service, but with Baba. Let's see what Baba wants us to do, not what I am doing. Yoga with Baba as Companion means then whatever you're doing is charity, and your account of charity will accumulate. So, do service with Baba as Companion and not spend on obstacles. Use the power of yoga. Anything that comes on the way for us, it’s settling, and also to see how much power I have and I'm using. That is something very important and the best way to do your checking. So, when you are checking, is change happening or only checking? If you do only checking, you get tired. Oh I have to change this, I have to do this. I have to change this, I have to change the way I do, to change the way I speak, change - improve - transform. Then you will remain very light and happy, but then you find the same subtle traces keep emerging. I am listening to something that I have done or I have been an instrument. I'm waiting for my name to come very subtly. So, I am expecting some award or some recognition. That obstacle will come until you overcome it and say that I'm not looking for that. Whatever you are doing, what you have been doing, and what you will do goes in your account. Here there could be mistakes in banking but not in Baba’s banking.

So, you have to pay attention today to look at charity, free from obstacles, do service and have remembrance-yoga, Baba as Companion. Pay attention that you don't invest in unnecessary expenses. I mean you have to spend, but some expenses are not necessary and they just happen. It's not in your plan, so that is why in Murli Baba uses the word ‘punyatma’, charitable soul. So our attention is that we are good donors, but our awareness is sometimes mixed. So, if we pay attention to awareness while doing seva, we become charitable, and I am sure we may experience an accumulation of charitable actions.

Om Shanti

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