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A World of Wonders and Instant Fruit # 25

Creating_Heaven_Inside_Ourselevs_25 Mohini_Didi June 25, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone Happy? Yes, singing and dancing. Baba has said that the definition of Brahmin means joyful. We always have this saying, “Are you happy?” Then we say, ‘Are you joyful, mauj mae ho?” No heaviness, not carrying anything, just reminding ourselves of all the beautiful things that are happening in our life. If we carry anything from any time of our life, the way others said something, or maybe their influence, we see that whatever happens in your life, this will give you some strength. It increases your capacity to never see it as a loss, or that I was not treated well. Let’s say that someone criticizes you for something, it’s alright, a karmic account got settled. Otherwise, we waste a lot of time in sorrow, because it’s kind of a habit, what I want to keep in myself, and what I don’t want to take. Someone asked,”How do you inculcate detachment?” I said, “If you don’t want to take sorrow, you have to be detached. Be loving, and be detached.” Let’s say that a relationship is missing in your life, or you do not have something, or you were not provided with something, you should see how the resilience and the strength of that has helped you in your life. Someone said, “You know, I was young, and I didn't feel my mother cared for me that much, so that caused sorrow for my whole life.” Every mother would want to give, and maybe that person had their own personal situation. I have seen that I had to support my mother in the sense of her strength, saying that we are with you. Generally, the expectation is the other way around. I realized that something big was missing in my life, which I don’t think much about, but that has helped me so much that since I was young, I could play the parent role. I could be a mother for people. I could be supportive as a father, not with that awareness of whether they were young or old. I think maybe because I did not get that which was maybe necessary during that time, I developed that power of giving to others.

Baba had been talking a lot about charity, charitable souls, because charity comes from the heart, and charity is unconditional. Some people ask us, ``How are you chosen for your responsibility in the Yagya, is it an election?” I said, “It's an election, more than an election.” So, someone said, “Why do you think your name came up?” I said, “The only thing I can give a little credit to is that I am very charitable, even in lokik. In alokik, I love to support people, give to people, not because I am expecting anything. If I have it, you take it, you use it. There is an instant reward for that too; it multiplies. Never try to copy anyone, never try to do what others are doing, that’s a big trap. From your own self, from your own following Shrimat and the Maryadas, you have to do whatever is right. Dadi Janki always used to say, “Never compare yourself with anyone or compete, just be complementary, be helpful, be cooperative.” If we do not follow accurately what we call the Supreme directions, or elevated directions, we could definitely be trapped somewhere or the other. I have always in my life seen that our protection and safety, where we can overcome obstacles, comes if we follow Shrimat accurately, because then Baba becomes responsible for us. If I follow manmat once, then Baba becomes an observer and says, “Let the soul make a trip and then come back, because you do something that is not right, you made a trip, then where will you go?” If you’re consistent in following Shrimat, you could remain very safe, and that means you will remain very light.

Baba had been talking a lot about not having any heaviness. That is something which is accumulated within you. Just be very light and be very happy, be joyful. So, this heavenly vision of heavenly Baba, He is talking a lot even today about the dance. What kind of dance? There are two words: raas and dance. There’s a difference between them, we all did raas, but not dance. In dance, they really have more body moments. In raas, you’re dancing but from inside, with such a joy beyond the senses of your physical organs. In lokik dance, there are movements of your neck and all different kinds of movements, but in super sensuous joy dance, there is atindriya sukh. I still remember that as a young Brahmin, you really can’t stop yourself. You have heard that Brahma Baba in History Hall, once in a while would be dancing on his own, because it’s an inner joy that is coming out through organs, but it’s not a physical dance. Then singing praise of Baba and of your fortune. So, a simple definition, tapaswi means one who is happy, because when you are happy with what you’re doing, you’re creating a happy environment, and you’re giving happiness to others also. If you’re not happy, you say things to make others not happy. People come to us and say, “I did not get this, or I was not given an opportunity.” If I have contentment, I will say, “No, prepare yourself, time will come and you will get it.” If I don’t do this, I will say, “It always happens like that.” What I am doing is increasing discontentment. It’s very difficult. This is very difficult with relationships, difficult in the Yagya. No, no it’s not. This is what I have, what I am, and that’s what I can offer to others.

So, I use the power to discern, I am not deceived, and I don’t cause any kind of loss. These days, there are so many frauds. Everyday you get an email of alertness, don’t give information of this fraud. For Baba’s children, when we follow Baba’s Shrimat, our thoughts, our money, everything I have to use in a worthwhile way. We cannot waste it. So, the power to discern is that I have to follow Shrimat all the time, otherwise karmic accounts will pull. So, it’s like you’re not feeling you’re about to reach your stage of perfection, because that should be the feeling that yes, I am going beyond now, I am not influenced, affected, or even impressed. Sometimes we are very impressed, and I find when you’re impressed, you kind of start following. You can be inspired, that should be ok, but always remember that my karma, my actions, I am responsible for. If I am following Baba Shrimat, then Baba is responsible. So, take this as practice for tomorrow. Use power to discern, with a lot of joy, happiness, singing and dancing.


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