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A stage of Peace filled with supersensuous joy and happiness #24

Give_Blessings_ReceiveBlessings_24 Mohini Didi November 24, 2023

Om Shanti. Everyone is happy, okay!

Everyday Baba gives a kind of check point to see where we are and what our stage should be now. I like today, when Baba is saying a peaceful stage, but filled with supersensuous joy and happiness. Sometimes you could only be peaceful, but Baba is saying you should be filled with supersensuous joy and happiness but that is only possible if we pay attention to our practical life. We have to pay attention that we follow Baba’s directions practically, accurately. Baba’s directions begin in the morning at Amrit Vela. Baba is saying to have accurate, powerful remembrance of Baba. Not just remembrance, but powerful remembrance. Amrit Vela has to be a powerful remembrance and be a karma yogi the whole day. Every action performed should be in humility as an instrument. It is very interesting that both Amrit Vela should be powerful remembrance and actions in humility as an instrument. You also have received directions as to what your vision and attitude should be like for everyone. By continuing to follow these directions accurately, you will constantly experience a stage of peace, filled with supersensuous joy and happiness. When we are happy, we are full and peaceful. When there is air in the water, there are a lot of waves. Anything which gets mixed from the traces of vices, weakness then we see the waves, we want to be very immovable.

Sometimes we think what is immovable? Sometimes, there are winds and storms but water is still, very quiet, still water, but as soon as there is air in the water, it can’t be still, there are many kinds of waves. It is the same in the mind, a lot of emotions, a lot of weaknesses, a lot of waste thoughts come. That means the mind is not peaceful. I think we have to observe, it is a practice, but also we should observe. I like that stage very much but be constantly in that stage. Everyone goes through different stages but we don’t have to look at anyone else. I should remain very peaceful and stable. Check, if my stage doesn’t remain like that forever, what is missing? Is it remembrance of Amrit Vela or the stage while doing karma yoga, humble and be an instrument, to be obedient. Sometimes we think directions are always in a physical way, but directions are very subtle. Not to be humble and be an instrument, is also a very subtle thing. Once in a while ego, arrogance emerges where I get caught up in, ‘I and mine’. I have to perform actions, but just be an instrument and remain humble. You won’t be tired, You won’t have limits. You will find that your power is increasing. You are becoming unlimited. It’s like a big family. You feel they belong to you and Baba and they will also feel belonging.

These days what is needed is experience; experience of love, experience of happiness, experience of peaceful nature. All these experiences are important. so that one remains full. Baba is so clear, simple and short about what should be our stage at present time. Sometimes our stage is based on the circumstances or situation. A peaceful stage has no up and down. Circumstances we don’t know, but the stage should be stable. We were in the flight and there was some turbulence. It was quite heavy for almost ten minutes. Everything was moving and shaking, but we all were trying to be very stable and peaceful. It was such an experience to remain quiet, to remain stable, to be peaceful. Even so many times, for quite a long time, there was turbulence.The whole plane was shaking. Think about that stage, churn on it, maintain it and see how you feel! A peaceful stage with fullness, happiness, supersensuous joy and happiness.

Om Shanti

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