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A powerful Mind #21

Elevated_Mind_and_Subtle_Attitude_21 Mohini_Didi May 21, 2023

Om Shanti everyone!

Okay, doing well? ​How do we increase our income? Such a simple question, right? How do we do it? Put a zero. Baba calls it a bindu. Which side should you put zero on? Left side or right side? You have one, so there is 1 then put zero- zero. Ten, hundred, thousand, ten-thousand. If I put it on the other side, it has no importance. So even if it is zero (bindu) you have to put it on the right side. That means, as we talked about, awareness, consciousness, and attitude. I like this whole practice, if we can do it with one bindu and that is your eternal self. Then if any situations happen and feelings come up, remember that I am a peaceful soul, I am a loveful soul. Eternally, that is what I am, and as many times as I use this awareness of being a point of light, that much income keeps increasing. For the mind, for the health of the body and relationships, if you just become soul conscious and give vibrations to your own body, you will feel very light. Not only light, but also a different feeling of new energy in the body.

Then this whole question of my pure feelings, it could help, but there are certain people that have such karmic accounts. So, I have to bring Baba in, another Bindu. When it comes to settling karmic accounts, it's only Baba who can do that. So with Baba and Baba’s light and might and my good wishes, pure feelings would be able to help. So keep your feelings of companionship with Baba always. In soul consciousness, if you have to decide about something, keep Baba with you and then use the point. Also, Baba says that it is very important to know how to apply a full-stop and use Drama. Baba is saying that even one moment of the Confluence Age is equivalent to a lot of what you waste in life. So, even if one second is important then use Drama and full-stop. You don’t need to think too much, and the more you do it, the more you'll find that your power is increasing. Keep practising the use of the three dots. I am soul, Baba’s child, and everything is accurate Drama. So it's just a question of remembering, even if sometimes you forget to keep attention.

Baba says to change the question mark to a period. For people to put the point, the dot, for that you need good practice. Baba was saying that everything needs practice, this is very very important. Baba has been telling us to have elevated, very pure feelings, good wishes, and elevated attitude for everyone. Today, Baba emphasized how much power is in your thoughts, that is expressed through your words and your actions. Sometimes the words are coming from lack of patience, lack of trust, or even very subtly the weakness of another person. Baba is saying that my mind is the mirror to see the power through your words and actions. Now when it comes to generosity when it comes to sharing, is it very open, or is it unlimited or limited? Baba is saying that souls that are not in knowledge or souls who are in knowledge, when we come in contact or in relationship with anyone, my words, my actions should be full of pure and elevated feelings. If I am becoming the embodiment of purity, then there cannot be any impurity in my words.There are many words used in jokes, but if you use words like, “This one is crazy or this one is like this.” It's not how brahmins speak.

So, it's very interesting when Baba is saying that your words have to be full of pure feelings, elevated feelings and as much as you have these elevated feelings internally, then what happens is your power can increase. With practice, it could happen in practical life that there is power in every thought you create. Generally they say that God had the thought to create the world, and then the world got created. They call that world their home. The sound begins, the world is created, in this they believe. So Baba is saying that purity is having pure feelings, pure thoughts and then there is a lot of purity. With purity, you become an easy yogi. In one second, with one thought, getting connected to Baba, the soul internally has pure feelings. Mama used to say, “How can you forget your Father?” How can you forget the one who is sustaining you? How can you forget the one who is protecting you? Your Father, your teacher, your Satguru. How can you forget?” You are talking about remembering, and Mama used to say, “How can you forget?” We used to see from the face of Mama, there was this whole presence of Baba. Like Dadi Gulzar. When you look at her, you see Baba. Even though Baba is not there. It’s because of remembrance.

So, easy yogi and consistent yogi. I think by doing this practice of having pure feelings and good wishes, our words are pure, our relationships are pure, so naturally with this purity, remembrance of Baba increases. As much as this remembrance increases, the power in the soul increases. So, holding Baba’s hands, the company of Baba, makes us not only easy yogi, but I think also it helps me and helps all others. So, just pay attention to your feelings, to your attitude, to your thoughts, everything is pure.

Om Shanti

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