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A living image #26

 Stay_in_Avyakti_Silence_26              Mohini_Didi               January 26, 2024

Om Shanti Everyone in Avyakti Parivar! 

Baba wants us to become living idols. There are idols in the temples that are worship worthy, but soul can not be the image, soul is a point of light which is in the body. If our mood, state of mind doesn’t change, then our face won’t change. We looked at Brahma Baba for so many years, his face was the same, even when he was 90 plus years old. His face was very beautiful, very young, no wrinkles. Still, people had to have a vision. Sakar Baba’s living image could have been a worship worthy image. 

I think all these really connect us with our relationship with the body, respectfully not under the force of sanskars or habits but very respectfully. Not only body, but everything material. I think we have to use it in a worthwhile way, with respect. We have to be careful not to make mistakes, because of any karmic account. Just look at what shrimat says I should do, not what I feel I should do but what is shrimat. Just imagine, for 43 births gradually, gradually body consciousness grew. Every vice reached its maximum percentage. Baba’s children, even in the last birth, as soon as we heard about purity we just said “yes, I want to live a pure life”. It's a kind of attraction we had. When I heard we have to become deities, I just said, “Yes, yes that is what I want to be, a divine image.” 

Somebody asked me a question, do  our sanskars get burnt or do they get merged? Today I had a few memories. A very old one suddenly emerged so I said they must merge. If they were burned, why would they emerge again? Sometimes Baba says burn all the sanskars.  Whenever any action is done, a sanskar is formed. Make a sanskar and in remembrance of Baba, burn that sanskar. If we keep using that sanskar for a long time then it becomes very difficult to erase. Of course, beautiful experiences apply, achievements of life, they all merge and then they emerge. 

I have been thinking a lot about how my relationship with matter and nature should be. With material things, to have everything is no problem, but how I use them is where the problem is. Money is not the problem but greed is. It’s the same for anything material, nothing should be out of greed or attachment, because then it becomes karmic accounts, habits. Each one of us has to look at this if we have to become karmateet, victorious and a conqueror over matter. We have to become free from the bondage of past actions. Definitely we have to not only do tapasya but through the mind, always have elevated thoughts. Through the body, always elevated actions, karma yoga. 

Baba is saying to become a living image. Now each and every Brahmin has to become a living image or idol the same as father Brahma, which means looking at Brahma Baba. There is a saying in bhakti ‘darshan ho gaya’, what a divine person, great soul. It’s not that he wore saffron clothes. He wore simple white clothes, but he was a living image. Everyone would even stop on the road to look at him, a kind of alokik spiritual attraction.  We can not neglect the body, we can not deny the needs of the body. They think that yogis have long hair, a long beard, they don’t have this or that. Those don’t necessarily make you an image. You should be regular, normal and very clean. Baba is saying to become a float of a light-and-might house. We always used to do floats in India and here also. Prepare a lecture on the power of thought and silence and play your part as a blessed image in the karmateet, double light angelic stage. That means you should be able to give a talk, you will then come close to perfection. With the karmateet stage you will experience your thoughts, reaching to everyone you want them to, thoughts of love, thoughts of silence, thoughts of benevolence, a blessing. Everything is done through thought, so how valuable and important it is to have every thought an elevated thought, every thought positive and elevated.

Om Shanti

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