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A Fortress of Light #16

Stay_in_Avyakti_Silence_16                 Mohini_Didi              January 16, 2024

Om Shanti! 

Baba’s rup-basant children! Always cheerful, rup with words of enthusiasm. Today, Baba has given us the task to remain in enthusiasm and create enthusiasm in others. I was thinking that it is not only enthusiasm, but first what is needed is courage. If you don’t have courage, you will also lose enthusiasm. If there is courage, then there is enthusiasm. Now how do we create enthusiasm in others? By remaining light, and making everything very easy, it is showing them that everything is possible, nothing is difficult. We maintain zeal and enthusiasm, not only in a few, but everywhere in the atmosphere. It’s like Diwali is coming or Christmas is coming. Festivals are called  “utsav”, which means to celebrate. So, how do we make every action of life a celebration? There is enthusiasm also. I think sometimes, half a day or few times a week, we keep dealing with different situations. It could be your medical appointment, could be your other tasks. How do we maintain our enthusiasm and make everything very light? Then Baba is saying ‘fortress of light.’ I feel it could be my own practice of soul consciousness, it could be Baba’s drishti, or constantly keep myself under the canopy of Baba. Baba’s drishti of light could be seen through Brahma Baba, because he was so much with Shiv Baba that people could see the light. Today, I thought I would do tapasya for the whole day, that is, my intellect is just with Baba, nowhere in between, whatever I have to do, but it is not pulled in any direction. I think it was real tapasya, and I felt good. Sometimes our day is good but it is ordinary. We do what we have to do, but there is not enough attention on any kind of special effort. When there is special attention on some efforts, one feels more powerful, alokik. 

This whole Murli is about love of God and is beautiful. When the souls come close, God's love in my heart can sustain them. So how to become that image of God’s love? As much as I receive love, then I share that love, I am loveful with others, but it is God’s love. So the fortress is for safety. Baba is saying that when your body is like a fortress of light, you are safe, especially these days. So, how do we do that? Baba says that in the beginning we used to practice, you are moving but your stage was such that others will feel that the light is passing by them. We live in a lokik world, which means some of us don’t do much in lokik activities, but we all are in the lokik world. We have to go out. We have to go for our regular appointments, and some have to work and be with the people. Sometimes we wonder how it is practical to remain alokik? There is something  alokik and spiritual in us. Let’s say maintaining the stage of enthusiasm, maintaining a stage of joy which is not common. Alokik doesn’t mean you look different or you wear different clothes. Some of us have to, but what they like is our virtues, our values. Then in our hearts, if there is God’s love, then that will definitely be a big attraction and sustenance. So Baba says that with this practice, you pass every type of paper. Now, the times to come will be very bad in the sense of vices. Increase the practice of being double light. One light is of course the soul, as a point of light. Baba is light. My Home is of light. So that awareness could help. In the lightness, nothing is difficult. Baba is there. Baba helps, but then again Baba said that if there are settling of karmic accounts and different situations, we have to pass, we hold Baba’s hand. Baba definitely takes care of us in a proper way. So reminding, creating awareness, will create the fortress of light and it is very important. The more I am thinking and speaking, the more I feel the need. We must practice. 

So, that will be our homework for tomorrow. I like this thought of enthusiasm, just be joyful, celebrate at Confluence Age, everything is beneficial. Then how do I make that beneficial? We get a little affected and our stage is not good. So, we always say that whatever is happening is good and whatever will happen will be better. So create through your thoughts, that energy that will activate and will happen soon in practical. Beautiful thoughts to celebrate every moment of life.

Om Shanti

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