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A Diamond Prince of happiness # 16

Creating_Heaven_Inside_Ourselves_16 Mohini Didi June 16, 2022

Om Shanti!

First of all, I would like to welcome each one of you. I know I haven’t met many of you. You are in your own home, so are you all okay? Is everyone okay in Avyakti Parivar? Special blessing that everyone keeps well. One part of the message that I think I forgot was that Baba was giving us the title of Raj Rishi. Some were only rishis, and some were holy kings. That means that they have wisdom, they have knowledge, but not necessarily sovereign sanskars. You have to do everything, but you have to be Raj Rishi. Rishis are consulted for different things, and kings are consulted for different things, but Baba wants to see everyone as Raj Rishi. It is such an interesting aspect that in every moment, Golden Age sanskars have to emerge now, to appreciate, and recognize my fortune. We are using the words prince and princess. Many times, in the Murli, Baba also says that children are princes. So, each one of us, we have to see, if I have that intoxication of being a valuable diamond, being a prince, because the future status will be visible now. This morning Baba said on Mama’s Murli that one is to be in the Golden Age to have that life of liberation, but other is to have a status. That status is emerging now, not because I want that status, but it's like in a very deep consciousness of being the heir souls, being a prince. That royalty is the personality of purity, Baba says.

We have been listening to the meditation commentary, and I really like it. They take you with animals and elements and food and sleep. So, the whole day, even if we are busy, somewhere we have this feeling of heaven within. What will be the characteristic, and how we will sit and eat, sleep, every activity, will be heavenly. So, these are some of the thoughts we have to keep for tomorrow. I want to see how we feel about drishti heavenly, smile heavenly, communication heavenly. You will be taking all the topics but also emerge those sanskars. There will be a lot of happiness, and that's true happiness not just because I got success, I got this, those are okay. Why not be successful in Baba’s task? Baba takes care, but to have this deep intoxication and happiness is very important at this time. Especially the little bit of news that you all know about, the Iron Age is extreme. We know it's ending, but we should see the beginning, the dawn, and feel it internally. A lot of people ask, “You don't worry at all what will happen?” Our experience is that whenever something happens from the external world, Baba expands his canopy bigger, personally, and for his tasks. That's what we experienced during these two years. So, then we say, “Well, this is what happened, so what will happen next time will be better because we are better, so things should get better too.

Om Shanti


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