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A Complete renunciate #24

Sweetness_and_Love_24 Mohini_Didi              February 24, 2024

Om Shanti!

Everyone is well, and that is why you are here. Baba is an unlimited Ocean of love, Ocean of knowledge and Eternal Truth. So, it’s the same point but the way Baba explains in detail and gives us the practice is really unique. Every day from the Murlis we get some point, and we are calling it Avyakti signals. So, today’s Avyakti signal is that we have to be a complete renunciate. Now we have given up almost everything but a little bit of ‘I and mine’ is still there. I didn’t get as much recognition as I should have. I didn’t get this or that. Very subtly we still feel this. To have an especially sensitive nature, to feel bad about something or feel humiliated is body consciousness. Now, we always feel happy, have the feelings of joy, in Baba‘s presence. So, the homework that Baba is giving us is to become a complete renunciate. So attention goes to where I am not a renunciate. Is it body, bodily relationships, material things? So, our homework for today is the main sanskar of you Brahmins, to be a complete renunciate. With this renunciation, the virtue of easiness, sweetness and tolerance easily come. So, if I’m not experiencing all these three qualities, definitely something is lacking in my renunciation. If there isn’t easiness, there cannot be sweetness. To be loving with one another, first of all, one who has become a complete renunciate, even with regard to the body. Body pulls the most, because of any reason and especially these days, everyone comes and says, “I need blessings, I’m going through something.” Baba says that even the body belongs to Baba. So along with being knowledgeful, Baba says to have an easy and sweet nature. This is known as being mature with those who are mature, and being a child with those who are like children. I met Baba when he was 83 and I was 16 and when I met him for the first time in Delhi in Rajouri Garden, Baba started chatting with me. We chatted for about 20 minutes, and I remember a few things he said or what he asked. A kind of relationship and friendship grew from there, without feeling the age. So that’s what Baba meant, that if you are with the children be a child, if you are with the old aged, you can be like an ancestor soul. So be easy in nature. Not like I'm not comfortable because others are older than me or younger than me. They all are souls with different ages in the body. So, how deep it is to have total renunciation. I think when we pay attention today, we will know when I’m not easy, I am not comfortable, I can't tolerate this, this is too much for me. Immediately the attention will go to where I am not a renunciate. So, it will be a beautiful experience and practical when we practice. Keep the aim and maintain the chart for today.  

Om Shanti


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