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A Big Heart, Big Baba #27

Honest_Heart_27 Mohini_Didi December 27, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay, everyone is well? Baba assures us that Baba is with us, and Baba will be with us until the end of this spiritual journey. Baba wants us to make fast efforts. Fast effort is to be consistent. I have been thinking that sometimes Baba Himself ties us in a bond of service. As you all know, we completed 1000 days. So, I always see that to be together with Avyakti Parivar is a bond of service. I remember I had to go somewhere, it was a new center but to make it back for Avyakti Parivar was not practical. So, our aim was not to miss a single day. It’s a Baba’s bond. Baba ties us in a bond so whatever situations are, we are able to do service. So to be consistent for everything is making fast effort. Fast means it’s not that I just go fast and then I don’t, but it is consistent. Everything we have to do, Baba says that the family will support, Baba will support. Now in this Avyakti signal for tomorrow’s homework, Baba says to have a clean heart, pure heart, and also to have a big heart. How many of you have a big heart? Where your trust, your patience, your courage, everything continues, you never give up. The Avyakti Parivar team has this slogan ‘never give up’. So that is why they are able to continuously create programs and teams work day and night, it takes a few hours sometimes just to create a little video clip. Some spend many hours. So definitely it must be a big heart, not to give up, never get disheartened. Immediately instantly find a solution. Never allow your energy to get stuck. I don’t know what to do next. I don’t know how things will work out. These kinds of thoughts don't come with a big heart and specially then add to your own courage and trust, our Big Baba. Big Baba has a big heart, not only a big heart, unlimited.

Baba once said, “You children have to serve all the souls of the world.” Before our focus was to create Brahmins who become deities, sun dynasty and moon dynasty. Now Baba says, “Every leaf of the tree. Your good wishes should be for everyone. As I am the seed of the tree, you also become the master seed.” The thought of big Baba, unlimited Baba and I think as much, see big sometimes we think is a big plan. I remember one time we were going to Guatemala from Mexico with Dadi Janki. There were a lot of obstacles, and by the time we reached there, the program was almost finished. The people were about to leave but Dadi went and shared a few thoughts and shared toli. It was Wednesday evening, and Dadi said, “How many of you are planning to come tomorrow morning?” There was no center, but these two sisters had a very big place, which they had created on the path of bhakti, big hall, lawns very big. It was night time so we didn’t go around, but we could see a big house, big everything. The next morning, you know Dadis always go into the kitchen to see what bhog is there. They do it in Madhuban and wherever they go. Dadi went into the kitchen and there were big pots of bhog and there they made bhog more as soup, sweet, salty, a lot of bhog. So Dadi said, “How many are you expecting?” They said they didn’t know, maybe one or no one. So, we went into the hall and you would be surprised there were 35 souls from the program. Dadi said in the program those who want to come in the morning, you are most welcome. So then Dadi was saying, is it the bhog that brought souls or is it the souls who touched them to make this much bhog? I always tell anyone for Baba’s bhog, keep nice, beautiful pots and bhog containers. They should look very clean and new. I don’t think it’s everyone’s favorite topic, but cleaning is very good, every corner whether it is your house, whether it is a bhog container. Because as you are cleaning deeply within your own cleaning is happening and some they just clean, they don’t see dust even, it’s duty let’s clean it. So when Baba says clean heart, how can you have a clean heart? Like Dadi Janki, one of her specialties was clean, clean and organized also. That is also kind of clean. So cleaning means also organizing wherever, whatever should be. So cleaning and organizing is very important.

So I am emphasizing today on both things: not only clean heart but also clean, clean. You will feel so good and there is a saying ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’! You know that in Madhuban, Shanti Sarovar, these places are known, they keep them very clean. Every morning you see sweepers, women, men, they just sweeping every corner, every street everyday, every morning. So one time there was Mahatmas, a lot of Mahatmas came and they were saying, “How come it is so clean?” When the place is clean, there is some kind of purity, divinity. Whether you enter your room, enter your washroom, you should feel everything is spotless, nothing should be kept here or there, scattered. This will help you to look into your heart, and then as Baba is saying to keep our mind healthy, we have to be free from the virus or rubbish in the mind. So now is the time for us to think about what we can do, and what our big Baba wants us to do. Keeping Baba definitely gives more courage, strength, and one is able to accomplish, because afterall it is Baba’s task. So, He must get it accomplished, everything happens, money comes, resources come, everything happens. So never have a disheartened heart, or small heart. Baba says, “I am always with you.”

Om Shanti

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