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Zeal & Enthusiasm - The stage of a bestower of fortune and blessings #18

Zeal_and_Enthusiasm_18 Mohini_Didi May 18, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone is well, okay, happy? Yes, that's very good. The homework is keeping us well, because there is constant awareness of what we have to do. The intellect is busy, and awareness is being created, so power is experienced. There are a lot of experiences during the day of becoming victorious. How is it so different? One is to look at whatever situation is there, even a scene of Drama, and it is different using awareness of whatever power is required. Baba said that it helps in a different way. I had been Shivshakti the whole day. It might not be 100%, but the percentage definitely is increasing, because the awareness is bringing some inner power. If there is lack of that awareness, a very simple ordinary situation could create upheaval. When anything big happens, of course it is through our very positive way of looking at everything, that it doesn’t feel like a big situation. Like the power of adjustment or tolerance, any power, when it works, you don't feel the effects of the situation. That's what I found today that any situation doesn't affect the mind. So be in that moment, because sometimes the mind is going in the past, or if it doesn't happen or doesn’t happen this way, the mind goes to the future. Let me be in the present, and take care of the situation. That's why Baba said a few days ago that you all are trikaldarshi, but where do I have to be present? Also, do it in such a way that what has been left in me is a sanskar or an experience. Like if there is a car accident and you survive without being injured. From the heart, you are thankful, you have gratitude towards God so you do not remember that accident where the car was crushed, but you remember how your life was saved. Also, while settling karmic accounts, whatever good that soul has done is also experienced at the same time.

So, I think we should do that, deal with that situation in the sense of whichever power is required, whatever way I should look at it, but what is left in me as experience is always good. This happened, but something good also happened. It was very good, very beneficial. So, what are you carrying with you? What you carry will emerge, whether it is in the way of the past or future. It is very subtle. So, that is how not only being a detached observer, but you can also be in your constant stage. That means my response to every situation is constant, if I have to be loving, I am loving, if I have to be peaceful, I am peaceful, if I have to be victorious, I will be victorious. That is called a constant stage. It is very revealing when you hear this avyakti signal, where my constant stage is coming from, that whatever happens, this soul is always cheerful, this soul is very light, this soul is giving good wishes to everyone. This is called consistent. I think that definitely we should be consistent in our response to every situation, because every response to any situation creates another situation. That is why we say, “don't react,” because when you are reacting, you do or say something similar to the past, then something similar could happen, and we don't want that. So, whether it is settling karmic accounts or creating, if I am reacting, it is not settling. You don't neglect, you don't ignore, but very peacefully, you accept that some karmic accounts have been settled, but you are also creating something very good at the same time. If your response is good, you are creating elevated actions, whether you are being loving or merciful. This is how settling and creating happen together.

So, what we have to do as homework for tomorrow is to be a bestower. One of the qualities or gifts Baba has given us is that we can be a bestower of sharing the method to create fortune. Baba's children always have this in their intellect, whether it is time, money, the physical body, for the self, and also for others, to create their fortune. Of course, Baba is the Bestower of Fortune, but we know the method. It's Baba's Shrimat that all have to follow, but still people will come and they want to consult to get clarity on the directions. Baba gives directions, but sometimes in various situations some souls are not very clear how or what to do, so they come to the instruments, or any Brahmin. Everything that is Baba's child’s should be used in a worthwhile way, because that's how the fortune will be created and whatever we have will multiply. These days, the blessings we give, either blessings come in the Murli and we talk about them, or we go where they are not Baba’s children, so we take blessing cards with us. You would be surprised, people are so happy. Today we went and we gave 10-12 blessing cards. Everyone was saying, “I got the best.” I said that both ways, you have it and you need it. Blessing means it is your underlying quality, and the attention is that I should always remember this quality, then it becomes a blessing. It does happen, many people will say that you are such a great soul, you have this. I say, “Yes, but you have to act that way, you have to continue that image.”

So, blessings are there, we all have Baba's blessings, but how do I keep using those blessings? Someone said to me, “You are always successful.” I know that, but still while doing actions, I need determination, or attention, or awareness of being Baba's instrument. I can't just say, “Oh I am successful, let me do it.” We use blessings, but then also bestow blessings. Yes, Baba is with you. It is going to happen, that is the blessing. I, the soul, have the power of awareness of blessings, then I think and speak and do, so the blessings can work. It is such a subtle power of blessings. These days, when something happens, we say that it is God's love, or the power of blessings. These powers are compared to a fragrance, you cannot see it, but you can smell it. I am smelling a rose, but I cannot see the fragrance. So, this is very subtly what the power of blessing is, and I am sure each one of us is able to do it because of Baba's blessings. So, keep remembering tomorrow, “This is what I am, and this is what I have to do.” Not only will you have beautiful experiences, but by night time, you find your treasure of blessings is becoming full, and you saw yourself as a bestower, giving the method of fortune, and bestower of blessings.

Om Shanti

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