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Zeal & Enthusiasm - Real Gold #11

Zeal_and_Enthusiasm_11 Mohini_Didi May 11, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Okay everyone! Okay? That's good, nice to know that you all are well. When we listen, we start thinking. Our reflection on certain things begins. Baba is saying that our words should not be ordinary words. Baba is saying that words should bring attainment for the self, happiness, and power. That means when I am speaking, I feel spiritual intoxication, and I feel very happy and powerful. So, Baba is talking about newness. Yesterday, Baba mentioned sweetness in words, contentment in words, not ordinary words. It's like words of blessing, words of contentment, so that others can also get that attainment. So, the information we’re giving, the knowledge, is eternal truth. When we are sharing the words of knowledge, others should also have attainment. It could be power, it could be enthusiasm, it could be hope, it could be joy. So, from this evening, tomorrow, whenever we speak to anyone, even when we speak with each other, I definitely would want to experiment that some attainment is there for the self, and also for others. It will be like you are speaking from the heart, or your churning, and it's not just sharing words, but sharing attainments through words. We hear Brahma Baba speaking Murli, it's not only that we listen, but we really feel powerful. We experience that with the Dadis also. That's why we want them to say a few words, so that there can be attainment, and also we are creating awareness. I’m thinking that awareness really should create a stage for us; unshakable, immovable, consistent. So, at the right time, the right awareness will emerge, the right power, and using that power will create our stage. We are creating a stage, and whenever there are any circumstances, you just be in that stage which is immovable and unshakable.

When public programs are arranged in the big places, if it's outside we create a stage where the speakers can sit and talk, or dances and other activities happen. Once I was traveling in Gujarat, and before a large program, one of the brothers would go up on the stage and walk around to see if the stage was very sturdy and firm. So, whenever there is a situation, my stage should be stable. I really loved today's blessing, that when you are carefree, there is no concern, no worry. With Brahma Baba we saw that so much was happening in the beginning; opposition, picketing, but he was very stable because he had faith. He would say, “It's not me, it's Baba. Shiv Baba is giving direction, Shiv Baba Baba doing it, it’s Shiv Baba’s task.” So he was like an observer, very detached. There was a lot of upheaval when people started talking about purity. It was a very new concept; purity while living in the family, to be detached, to be a trustee. People thought that if you have a family, you should be very attached, only then you can take care of your family. They didn't know that you can do it as a trustee, looking at them as souls. You can still do it and it will be better, it has more blessings, and more power. So, they got kind of scared that how can mothers be detached from children or amongst relationships? How can you be detached? Many wanted Baba to stop talking about purity. They would say that everyone loves your spiritual satsang, but don't talk of purity. Baba said, “I am not saying it, it’s Shiv Baba who is saying it.” When they moved to Mount Abu it was not easy. Baba was so unshakable and carefree, that all the sisters looking at Baba got so much strength. There were so many challenges, detailed stories, but they all were very fearless. That means in the real situations, their stage was unshakable, steady, and they continued with their efforts, everything from amritvela until nighttime. All daily timetables went on very well. So, our faith in Baba and faith in Drama should keep us carefree. Today I was really internally watching, am I hundred percent carefree, or there's little bit of concern, worry? The word that is used is “nishchint”, no worry, no concern. Just remember Baba, and then be a detached observer. This is very important. So, with determination, with total faith, create that stage. Internally, enthusiasm to continue comes from that stage. When there is awareness, we are invoking that stage.

Baba says to create newness, so then the homework for tomorrow is “gold - real gold”. All the alloy that is in the gold has to be melted in the furnace of the power of yoga. We feel that we were Rajo, and now we're becoming Sato. Rajo means there is a lot of alloy, a lot of mixed ideas, mixed opinions, mixed everything, it's confusing. Baba says that there is alloy of copper and iron, and that alloy has to be burnt, then the gold becomes pure. So, we can actually check, are we becoming pure gold? Once somebody was showing me a bracelet, and they said to just twist it with my hand. I could do it because there was no not much alloy in it. Pure gold molds, it has the capacity to mold, to be light. Molding is adjustment and accommodation. So, we will look and reflect on what it is to be real gold. This will help me to be light, and lightness will help me to maintain my enthusiasm. When the mind is heavy, you don't want to do anything. When the mind is light, you really want to be active, creative, there is newness, and a lot of enthusiasm. So, it's a good point to check that if there is any heaviness, just remember Baba deeply, just be with Baba, and after a few minutes, you feel light. Then you really want to do it again because of enthusiasm, newness, lightness. I think it's really worth experimenting. I will do it many times a day. Whenever there is a little heaviness, just be with Baba, burn your sins and become light, and not only light, but molding. So, we will experiment tomorrow, and I’m sure by thinking and practicing, we will become more real gold.

Om Shanti


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