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Zeal & Enthusiasm - Past is Past #7

Zeal_and_Enthusiasm_7 Mohini_Didi May 7, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone is well, okay, yes, very good. While listening, we also think and look at ourselves. Whatever Baba is saying, where I am at, there are some external fears, and some are internal fears. Sometimes, when receiving from Baba, there is fear, because a lot of change has to happen in the self. We are so comfortable with what we are, and when suddenly we think we have all the powers, or I have full inheritance, it’s good, one should be very happy, but subtly there could be fear. So, Baba says, “You shouldn’t receive according to your capacity, take because I am giving.” When someone wins a lottery, they are very happy, but also there is subtle fear. With so much money, what will be done? Lots of thoughts can come, but keeping Baba with me all the time is also very important. I sometimes deeply think that there is a part recorded within me, so I am playing that part, and I have played it again and again. So, I should be very light and naturally play the part. This is what I am realizing more and more, that it’s just my part I have to play. This Drama is a very simple thing. I am an actor and I have a part to play, and I play my part. Whatever I need for the part, Baba gives me, because I have been given this part to play. It is very easy and very natural when you think that I am playing a part, and no one else can play this part. I have to play it. This way, you are able to be very naturally not only receiving, but even whatever you have to do, just be very natural.

When I was in India this time, I used to just smile and say to people, “Look at yourself in your new role, and whatever it is, just be light, be sharing and loving.” You know that it’s one family, so be very natural, because this is the part I have to play. Whatever efforts I make and whatever Baba gives, I use that while playing my part. Anytime we praised Dadi Janki, she showed her finger, it’s Baba. Baba gives only when I am with Baba. If my intellect is with Baba, I have love for Baba, then Baba also keeps giving to the soul. So, internally you should be very easy that Baba gives me whatever is the need of the soul to play that part. I am talking about some of the realizations that I had recently, thinking that I have played this part many times, I played this part in the last kalpa, I am playing now, and will be playing again and again. So, on one side, one starts preparing oneself. On the other side, let me just play my part.

This homework of ‘past is past’ is very simple but in practical, you know just to think of nothing from the past. Whether in my attitude, or my drishti, sometimes it comes in the words, there should be no influence of the past. Dadi Gulzar always used to say, “Drama is more sensible than all of you.” So I would say, “How?” She said, “In Drama, something happens and it doesn’t repeat. So, why do you all keep thinking again and again?” So, somewhere we allow what has happened to become part of us. One way not to take in the scenes of Drama, is to keep looking at yourself. You all must have heard the story that Dadi Prakashmani was sitting one day, and there were a few of us there. One soul kept saying so many things to Dadi like, “You should be like that, you should be like that.” It went on a little longer, so we thought we should stop it. Dadi kept telling us to let him speak. When he finished, we asked Dadi, “What were you feeling, what were you thinking? She said, ”I was checking my powers.” So, she didn’t even hear what he said, because she said, “Now I need tolerance, now I need patience, now I need power to merge, now I need love, I was checking my powers.” She didn’t even hear, and we all were listening and getting affected. So, it's a very good quality that internally, I keep looking at the self, so even when I am listening and seeing, I am not seeing or listening. Recently, it’s been coming in Murli also, that if someone has written you eight pages, your attention will go where the answer is needed. That means whatever I see, I don’t need to absorb everything, and whatever I hear, I don’t need to remember everything. Whatever we hear will emerge.

I was very much taken by the point that when we are using organs of the body, Baba says, “Whatever you are doing, remember Me. While you are eating, remember Me.” Why? Even when you are eating, you know what is good and what is not good, what is tasty, what is not tasty. You think about food, but remember Baba, so that’s one of the ways not to allow creation of sanskars of everything. We are creating sanskars, or there are sanskars that are being played, but if I am in remembrance of Baba, then whatever I will create actually will be for the future. It is the future sanskars that we have to create. So, this whole game of sanskars is so interesting. What sanskars now start playing, because sanskars are in the soul. So, I think when we do our homework and have more reflection tomorrow, we will see how often the past emerges. Some have more habits of the mind, it keeps going back instead of moving forward. Past is past. I have to be in the present, and then this present also becomes the past. So, I remember when Baba said, “Keep moving forward, think of moving forward, then you will be able to leave the past behind.” So, as much as we move forward, then our nature also is to make the past as past. This is very important.

Om Shanti

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