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Zeal & Enthusiasm - Me and My Baba #5

Zeal_and_Enthusiasm_5 Mohini_Didi May 5, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone is well? Seeing everyone in the evening, you are all well. Just thinking about how there is so much enthusiasm. About what? We all have differences. My enthusiasm is to explore more and more experiences I have during silence. Amritvela, early morning, Baba used to talk about between two to five. Now it is exactly at two that is the best time, where I have the best energy in the body and mind, I feel so fresh. So, I said “Okay Baba, let's see what we are doing.” What is this whole enthusiasm in the sense of we have to reach our final stage? Even if there are explanations and we hear Baba saying so many things, the soul has to have that recognition, that realization. So, I find that when there is enthusiasm, then you are able to have very deep and subtle experiences. Then one wants to do more. Some may think how can they wake up at two? It's a long day. How will it happen? Actually, the day passes very nicely. The first time I was going to Madhuban, I asked some of the Dadis in Delhi what the aim should be? They said, “Baba. Wake up early, just be around. He is the Ocean, so you have to dive, how much can you do?” Somehow we were allowed to be around in his room just to see how Baba just sat with Baba, sat with the Ocean Shiv Baba. He used to be very silently churning or enjoying being with Baba. So, it depends because we all are on a spiritual journey and at a different stage. Wherever you are, you have to see what you are enthusiastic about in your spiritual effort.

Some explore Murli, they like to read Murli a few times, everyone is different. These days, I have been really enjoying Murli, every word of Murli. I am just looking forward to hearing it, so around 4:30, I listen to Murli until 5:00, then I study. I just listen, and I really feel touched, like it's real, it's this what it is. Not just intellectually, but the soul is absorbing, and that helps during the day, also when we want to create a particular stage. Yesterday Baba said, “It's easy to be lovely, but not easy to be detached.” If I am not detached, I can't be lovely. Each word of knowledge needs so much exploration, if I have to be an embodiment. When I want that stage, I want that experience that Baba was saying, it's easy to be lovely and not detached. So, you have to say, “Does this happen to me?” Sometimes yes, if I’m not detached, I can't be lovely. So, it's a very deep connection, and I’m just giving an example that listening to Murli, then studying, then writing properly, really helps to maintain that enthusiasm. Also, we really, sincerely, need to do our homework, which I definitely do because I find that thought comes very often, and the experiences deepen.

So, for tomorrow we will use ‘I and my Baba’. Dadi Gulzar’s favorite word was “my”. She said, “As soon as you say “my”, you get very connected to my Baba. It took me a long time. I always said Baba, now I say ‘my Baba’ and tomorrow definitely all day we’ll stay together, “I and my Baba”. That will be my mantra the whole day. I’m sure that in that mantra, there will definitely be some subtle attainments, and some of the things that are still considered to be mine, might get automatically cancelled. Sometimes we don't know what subtle attachment we still have, something is still mine. So, then be a trustee of everything. I never had a thought about billions, millions I know. I’m talking about money. Millions I know, because these days we have so many buildings we have millions, but when I went to India, it was nothing less than a billion. They talk in billions. So it took me time to understand what a billion is, because you don't often write billion. I remember when we were buying this property, it was two million. So, our lawyer at that time got the check. That was the first time I saw a check for one million in my hand.

So, subtly whatever we are doing, if you do properly, everything in your outside world will be okay. This is the biggest challenge we all have to accept through our internal stage and efforts. I will keep myself well, everything will be done, and what is needed will emerge. Have that faith, it's very important. So, it's not only your chanting ‘I and my Baba’, but you are talking to Baba, you are receiving from Baba, and you’re becoming His favorite child. Brahma Baba used to say, “This one is mine.” Many used to say “Baba, but you should love everyone.” He said, “I love everyone, but I love this one especially.” So, tomorrow we will feel how I’m a beloved child of Baba.

Om Shanti


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