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Zeal & Enthusiasm - Master Almightlyt Authority #10

Zeal_and_Enthusiasm_10 Mohini_Didi May 10, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

We are full of enthusiasm, yes? We always remember how many good things are happening in our lives, how fortunate we are. Always create awareness of beautiful things that have happened in your life, because it is actually the habit of the mind to remember what didn’t happen, or what was not right. I don’t know why there is this habit of the mind. We can change the habit and see how many good things have happened in my life. So,as we become aware of beautiful experiences of life, our zeal and enthusiasm will constantly increase and as Baba said, we will be in a very joyful state of mind. It will be easy to celebrate the meeting with Baba, and closeness to Baba. So, it is a habit of pleasure, to keep the joyful things in the mind. Life is a journey and really when we look at it, we will say the overall journey is very good, but a few things happened. The more you think of those few things, the more you will become heavy, and you start feeling that this is your whole life because it is still the Iron Age. We are at the Confluence Age and have a very positive mind, creative mind, healthy body, loveful relationships, enough resources, all these are what life is all about.

One of Baba's teachings is about the mind. Before we used to say we don’t have any control over the mind. The mind keeps thinking, but now we can’t say that we have no control. We have understood what the mind is. The mind has thoughts, thoughts come, I can change it, but thoughts come and I keep entertaining them, get lost in them instead of changing them quickly. Your thoughts can change situations, people, and atmosphere. The awareness of how many beautiful things have happened in life can do this. Otherwise, thinking of difficulties makes us very heavy and down. I know there are some souls when I hear their stories, even of their body, they go through so much, but somewhere they have a positive attitude, hope in life. Their love for life not only helps them to live, but to live a decent life, a good life. I have heard these stories, and I have seen how the power of the mind is very connected with awareness, we call it smriti. What do I remember, and what do I have to forget?

So, now we will do the homework of course. I did mention that ‘last so fast’ is one who is consistent. Sometimes you might say, “Oh, I am doing very well”, and then become careless. I have to be consistent in my remembrance, my awareness. Baba has given us inheritance, the treasures of knowledge, virtues, and powers. Just imagine even if you keep thinking about any power, any virtue, that awareness will make you realize that yes, you have the power. Then there is a situation and I get stuck or afraid, scared, thinking that this might happen or that might happen. So, our thoughts will create that. I am Almighty Baba’s child, so I have all the powers, and powers can make change, magical change. Once you think it is possible, you can make it possible, but if you say that it is not possible, it is not. Sometimes, we are trying to make people happy, but we are not allowing their fortune to be created. If I have to do Baba’s service and I get cooperation or even if I don’t but I still do service, all that fortune will go to the souls who are cooperating. They don’t know about it, but because of attachment, we don’t know how to let them create their fortune. So, sometimes I think any cooperation that we get or as I said, you don’t get, but you make it happen, will create their fortune and sooner or later they will realize, they will understand what it means when they give cooperation. It is a very subtle point, and because of attachment we can’t realize it. That is why I like this word, cooperation; cooperation amongst ourselves, but also with lokiks. Let them create some fortune too, and if they cannot do it, they allow you to do it. We are letting them create their fortune.

So, whichever power is required, first I like all the points on fearlessness. At the right time, you think of a power and you see how that power emerges. If you become weak, nervous, scared, use the power of virtues by thinking about them, creating awareness of them. Then you will be able to do things, you will remember, and power will come. So, even if you are remembering from the past, always remember how you were successful, you succeeded, you did it. It is really your determination. I feel that Baba is giving me an opportunity, I have to create my fortune, and when I am creating my fortune, the fortune of many is being created. If I am getting a chance to talk to all of you, it is because you all are listening with a lot of love. Your presence, your love, your understanding, using and experimenting with all of what Baba is giving us, creates a lot of enthusiasm. Each one’s presence is creating joy, enthusiasm, love, and cooperation. The members of the team have been consistently doing something or the other. Just to record, just to write, just to translate, just to do whatever, and it is everyday. Not only everyday but every evening, we find they are on their duty. They are doing it with a lot of love because it is benefiting them. Also, there are many new ones who keep calling and offering themselves. So, we feel there are a lot of spiritual bonds here. We listen together, experiment together, and we do homework together.

So, then we say, “Oh, we should create a gift for everyone.” Last year we did a calendar of Avyakta BapDada. This year, we are doing a timeless calendar which everyone will get. In the Yagya, one of the big traditions is sharing toli, blessing, and gifts. When I went to Madhuban, I said, 100,000 gifts for a year, that is minimum, because when it is Baba’s turn, there are 10,000, 15,000. During the time of Dadi Gulzar and Dadi Janki, there were 25,000. Everyone gets a gift. So, the gift is our love for the family, it is tradition. So, all this brings a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. Baba says to do something new. Especially when you can cooperate, you are becoming a bestower, donor. That gives you so much happiness. One who receives is so happy, and as Baba says, they say, “Bless you, and congratulations.” We become bestowers and our treasure stores of virtue, knowledge, everything starts getting full all the time. So, we maintain our zeal and enthusiasm by keeping this awareness, I have all the powers. I only have to be aware, so that I can emerge it and use it. Always remain joyful, close to Baba, and of course, sharing spiritual love and cooperation with the family.

Om Shanti

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