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Zeal & Enthusiasm - Make Difficult Things Easy #4

Zeal_and_Enthusiasm_4 Mohini_Didi May 4, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

So, we take a theme, like we have chosen “zeal-enthusiasm and flying stage”. Actually, when we have the theme, it takes us to the depths, or makes us introverted. People mostly think that enthusiasm is more like they want to do something, but for me, enthusiasm is also about becoming. The quality of our doing depends on our being, and if I keep increasing the quality of being, then it's not what I am enthusiastic about, but what Baba makes me instrument for. Of course, we do regular service and the daily routine, but I always am pulled more inside. Baba always says it's very special, unique, bigger, the task of establishment. So, I am pulled into deeper silence, and more being with Baba. It's not something external. So, I go into the inner self and like today, suddenly, I found that I am so pulled just to be in the original eternal stage. It was so beautiful, just a peaceful soul, pure soul, loveful soul, deep silence, natural silence, and one feels very close to Baba. There's a lot of lightness, and the intellect also becomes very quiet and very light.

I am seeing that in every Baba's child, there are two stages: one is angel, other is deity. Even those who are playing a part don't realize that ‘I am like an angel’, but I can see their angelic qualities, and also qualities of a deity. We have both these stages that play a part in our life at the Confluence Age. I have to become an angel. I have to be a deity. Actually, if you are truly in your enthusiastic stage, you can also see your own angelic form, your angelic stage and deity stage. Then you underline it and say, “Oh, when I am angelic, this is what I am, these are my ways of doing things, saying things, and I have to be consistent.” That's the enthusiasm. It is the same with divine qualities. I have that divinity, I have kindness, I'm compassionate, I always share, and it's like all divine qualities emerge. So, enthusiasm is that I should use these qualities more and more. From the very beginning, in my Brahmin life, I was never enthusiastic in just doing, I always thought that there should be such quality plus what Baba wants us to do, we have to do. So, the majority of the time we are busy, happy with regular service which has to continue, but also, how can I reveal Baba? Baba says that it is only through our face and activity that you can reveal Baba. Even if you give lectures, also give Baba’s introduction.

When I was in Shantivan this time, they had a conference and they invited all the saints and gurus. As a senior, I was invited. So, I said, “Okay, I will come, but I won't come the whole time. I will come at the end for one hour, because it's a very long program.” So, there were all different kinds of gurus. Mostly all of them were praising Brahma Kumaris and they were feeling like these are the sisters who really are doing and we want to cooperate. They kept saying it and I kept saying that I wish they knew that it's not Brahma Kumaris, it's who is making them do. So, when everything finished, it was my turn and I said a little, but then later I was telling everyone that we have to give Baba's introduction. When we are praised, we cannot be happy. It's a good opportunity to share Baba's introduction when we are praised, because we shouldn't just sit and accept, “Yes, we are doing it, we will continue to do, we promise that we will continue.” Who is making us do? It’s so interesting that it's very easy to forget that. Of course when I was speaking they were completely different, then I led everyone into meditation because there were 15 - 20,000 Brahmins in that session. So, I thought they should experience something.

So, what I am sharing is that enthusiasm is not only intellectual planning and intellectually serving, but the true enthusiasm is when you are becoming and helping others to become. As much as that enthusiasm is there, I think one feels very special, and of course one becomes an instrument for the unlimited task. Then there is this inner experience and enthusiasm, nothing is difficult. We shouldn't have doubts. Doubt is something that we should be scared of. Like when some people need something, they do something, but suddenly they are not sure if it will happen, and then I say, “It's gone now, it won't happen.” It's true, because they will have an obstacle. Doubt already is the obstacle, so you already created the obstacle for what you have to do. So, when there is truly zeal and enthusiasm or flying stage, one thing you do is maintain your faith, because it's very important. I have to do it and have 100% faith. Otherwise, we are just losing our power, our energy, opportunities, everything is really lost because there is doubt.

I remember even when I came to Peace Village in the beginning. It was quite a big thing, and a lot was happening. So one night, Baba was asking me “Do you believe Me? Do you have trust in Me?” I said, “Of course, I have faith.” Baba said. “If you worry, you don't have faith. So, from today if you want Me to help you, you have to have faith in Me.” So, I just tied a knot from that day, that I am not going to worry, because Baba is looking at me, and Baba can't help me if I am worrying. I must say there was at least 80 to 90 percent change in me from that night. I said, “It's Yours, You do it, I will help you. I will be sincere, I will be hard working, I will do everything, but it's Your task.” It’s Baba’s task, I'm just an instrument. Sometimes our intellectual faith and our trust don't match properly. So, we unnecessarily have a lot of thoughts back and forth, we lose a lot of time and power. So, every step we take with this faith, then of course there is zeal and enthusiasm. This is not something just external, it really comes from the soul, “Baba, I am your child. You adopted me, and I will be Your hand, Your helper.” Then maintain your inner spiritual stage and move towards your stage of perfection, total purity, and be peaceful, loving, sweet, whatever Baba says.

So, it’s a very interesting experience that I had today. I have to just surrender myself and let Baba use me. I never say, “ Baba there is a lot to do.” I say,” Baba, I want more. Baba, what is next for me? What else can I do?” So, that enthusiasm is always there, and I feel happy, very light and also very full from this experience.

Om Shanti


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