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Zeal & Enthusiasm - Loving Feelings (Bhavna) and Intentions (Bhav) #23

Zeal_and_Enthusiasm_23 Mohini_Didi May 23rd, 2022

Om Shanti everyone.

Baba wants us to have a stock of love, peace, and power. How are we doing with that stock? Look at your last 24 hours. How much are you able to have love-full feelings for everyone? Whether they are loving or not, we have to be love-full. Any situations, sanskars, where there is any kind of disturbance or peacelessness, I stay peaceful. Use words of peace, love-full vibrations, words, and interactions. Maintain spiritual power, inner power, don’t lose faith or become weak. Always have not only love-full feelings, but very benevolent intentions also. Look at your stock and try to add more everyday. Baba said there will be natural calamities, and whatever you have in a physical way might not be useful. Internally, keep increasing your spiritual capacity so that we can stay very stable.

Stable is stable in yoga also. The light of the soul shouldn't flicker when there are storms. Even if it flickers a little bit, then there could be darkness and everything happens when it is dark. Today I am thinking about stability in yoga. Intellect remains connected with Baba. The flame of remembrance remains very still, steady, and stable. So what will protect me? When there is Baba’s canopy of protection, Baba’s remembrance, then this flame will remain very steady, and the storm cannot blow it off. A stock is necessary and my flame needs to be very stable. It's important to have a proper connection with Baba. Whatever happens, just hold on to Baba, so that the storm of any kind by external ways, natural calamities, or any kind of peacelessness, disturbance, internally stays very firm. Fearless, total faith in Baba. Baba is protecting me. Keep invoking Baba. Not just by calling out for Baba, but creating Baba’s presence is very important.

Maintain very loving, benevolent, pure feelings where everyone feels love and belonging. Feelings are so important. They are so strong, for the self, and also others. One minute you feel something, the other will get the vibrations immediately. How do I constantly keep my bhavna, or pure feelings? If someone doubts your intention because of any reason, my feelings still shouldn’t change. All relationships can remain very lovely if we trust each other’s intentions. Why would that soul have the wrong intentions for me? Even if someone does, don’t take it in your feelings. This person could have very subtle feelings of competition or comparison. I have some experience where people had certain subtle things, but I would love that soul and try to give a lot of respect, because there is something that soul really wants. If I can give through pure feelings, then our intentions can change. Some are very fortunate, they get a lot of good opportunities for service, they get respect. Some get, but still feel they aren’t getting enough. Very subtly that soul has a lack of fulfillment. Dadi Janki, never compared herself with anyone, because when you compare, then you say, “Oh I don’t have this, I need this”, and very subtle feelings of lacking come. One needs to be in self respect, be with Baba.

Have a good time with your efforts, be happy at the confluence age. These kinds of feelings can help other souls, and the self. Feelings are like the taste of the mouth. Some people say they are eating but not tasting anything. It is the same with feelings, when feelings are not good, you do not enjoy happiness or friendship. When feelings are light, full of love and pure, then you experience everything. You feel you are getting more than what you deserve. There will be a lot of appreciation and your heart will be overflowing with love for everyone. Anything you do, do it with bhavna. When you offer Bhog to Baba, do it with bhavna. You cook Brahma Bhojan, do it with bhavna. Everything with bhavna, with love-full feelings. It will not only give you great joy, but also a lot of good results. Bhavna comes from love. They say when you are watering plants, do it with love and sing if it’s possible. It is the same in our life. You wake up, say good morning to Baba with love. There’s a lot of power in love. When there is a lot of power in love, you use that power, there are a lot of achievements too. We have to churn and explore more on my own bhavna. I remember that Brother Jagdish when he was in his last stage in the morning, he was in sukhdam in Pandav Bhavan. Some of us went to meet him. He’s looking at me saying, I have a lot of bhavna for you. I said what is that bhavna? He said I know you can do a lot for Baba’s task of establishment. I really love the way he said it. When you have bhavna, then you have good wishes for everyone. When there is no bhavna, then I can’t give good wishes. I would suggest that each one of us, start our every thought, word, and action with bhavna, drishti with bhavna and definitely have good intentions. Good intentions will also reach another one when there is bhavna. That is why we use two words, bhavna and bhav. Sometimes someone misunderstands what you say, and you say, “That’s not what I meant.” You try to explain your bhav. This also will help what we call swabhav, nature. You will always be light, happy, pleasant, because your bhav and bhavna are loving, so your swabhav will also be very light and you will be happy.

In the confluence age, you have the company of God and are being sustained by God as parents. We are being taught by the Supreme Teacher. You have blessings from Satguru Baba. Just imagine our fortune. Baba has chosen us to be instruments for service, whole world service. Baba said world transformers, world servers. With this intoxication, understanding, tomorrow, just stay in that highest, pure, and loving bhavna. Definitely you will experience ascending degrees, flying degrees, and more zeal and enthusiasm to continue.

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