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Zeal & Enthusiasm - Last So Fast #9

Zeal and Enthusiasm #9 Mohini_Didi May 9th,2022

Om shanti !

Baba keeps us very well, so we always thank Baba. One is making mine into yours, but what Baba has given us, do I make it mine? When “I” comes in, “I have a good intellect, I am very creative, I have these virtues”, but Baba has given them. Whatever we learned is from Baba's teachings. Whatever limited education each one of us had, that education became useful after belonging to Baba. Whatever little we had in a lokik way, love from lokik family, education, but Baba gave us so many opportunities to learn. I remember when I got an invitation to come to Germany in 1974. I couldn't even imagine getting into that plane and going through so much, but it was Baba. Baba has asked me to do it, Baba will help me, Baba is my companion. From there I traveled to many countries in Europe not knowing the language. Whatever we are, at least I can say for myself, is because of Baba. Baba's love, encouragement, courage and understanding. When I went to Carribean there were all six races there, but because of soul consciousness, when you meet anyone they feel a sense of belonging. There is a lot of love. When you are in the incorporeal stage, then there is no fear. I cannot say these are my achievements. When we follow Baba and do everything according to Baba's direction, He becomes responsible and protects us. Whatever is mine is what I had, but whatever Baba has, when it becomes mine, how do I use it? We have everything limited in life, now everything is unlimited. The word “my” shouldn't come because Baba has given us. Success is my birthright, but Baba gave it to me. To say “my birthright” is all right, but don’t take credits from all the achievements. I always say Baba got it done, it was Baba's blessings at every step. This way, not only will there be remembrance of Baba but you will also get help from Baba. What Baba gives us is unlimited. We cannot start saying it is mine, that mistake does happen. Baba gives a service to do and after some time, “Oh look I am so capable, I've done so much service”. That's a big mistake, because Baba will take away that power and courage. Not only that, but everything just expands. It's very subtle, even a little bit of arrogance of any kind, it's very risky. It doesn't take a moment for anything to get lost. Your capacity, time, health, resources, all are Baba’s. Just be a little bit careful. Be a trustee and say, “It is yours. Mine is Yours and what You gave me is also Yours.” It's a very beautiful consciousness. To have this keeps you very carefree, very light. Even very subtly, this word “I” and “my” shouldn't come.

Tomorrow we are taking on last so fast. When I came into gyan, the dadi’s already had 14 years of tapasya and a lot of renunciation and sacrifice. I said, “When will we ever get 14 years?” I know until now, many double foreigners when they go to Madhuban, they say, “Oh wow, they had 14 years, can I have 14 days of total tapasya?” Baba gave us two years of tapasya when we could work from home, no need to rush for morning class or for any service. Everything was on zoom, sit in your room, do everything. Some really took advantage by saying time for tapasya. I don't have to go out shopping, everything was mail order right to your door. Those who saw that opportunity for tapasya, used it. We have so many examples in front of us, some in families, some who are surrendered. Brahma Baba understood everything and became the first example for us. Never have this thought what will happen to me? I came so late. Follow Brahma Baba and be a good example. Baba said, “I will take all of you with me”. Always feel you can go fast.

I think one of the qualities which is very important for going fast is to be consistent. If we are consistent, we will win and pass with honor. We can’t leave long gaps between having remembrance, consistent service, enthusiasm and love for Baba. Be a trustee and consistent in every quality. Consistent means you are accumulating. If we go up and down all the time then we are not accumulating. Plus keep doing things, any opportunity for kindness, generosity or giving the message. Do elevated actions all the time. I've been giving words of encouragement to others. “You're doing very well, congratulations!!” When they are encouraged, naturally you will get blessings for that. You help everyone to move forward and remain light. You always have love for drishti. If we have all that, then definitely we will reach our destination in time. When the gates of heaven open, we will be right there, to enter with Baba. You can see how much the fire of violence is increasing and so many threats. Let me, soul, know how to fly. We know how to be incorporeal, safe and serve at difficult times. We are working on no fear. I belong to Baba and accumulated a lot of power, elevated actions are done through the body in different ways. Baba's company is also very important. Keep these thoughts all the time, then there is no fear. We have been doing it regularly, we will continue to do it for the self and to serve others. When we are consistent we maintain our zeal and enthusiasm.

Wherever I am, wherever I will be, that's for the service. Baba has put me, Baba has sent me, any situation you look around, “Oh Baba, I am here for service. Let me see, how can I serve, with vibrations, words, actions or my qualities.” Dadi always used to say to us, “Everywhere you step, wherever you are, there is some service there.” Don't think why I am here? What am I doing? You are there for some service. There are many souls who need love, peace and belonging to God. Serve all the time and through service you remain very safe. Baba is with us when we are serving. Baba looks upon us, this child is serving, so I have to be around. That presence of Baba you will feel more and more.

Om shanti !

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